Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Hey everyone!

I miss you all, and this computer is in spanish so every english word i write puts a squigly red line under it and it is so annoying!

This last week was absolutely amazing.
First of all, I´d like to apologize for not answering all your questions mom.. when i reply i forget what you asked and said in your email and just talk about me.
It´s great to hear about all the farewells! Im glad that all my bros are in the MTC now or soon, because I want everyone to be doing the same thing that i am doing.. it´s the best thing i could be doing right now. Glad to hear grant, craig, gavin, daniel, ryan, alex, and everyone else did great on their farewells!
Good luck with trek, and bring moleskin... and a chill pill mom.

So this week ive felt the spirit more in my life than ever... usually when i feel the spirit it´s just for a little, and im not sure if i said this in my last email, but here in the CCM, you can go a like 20 minutes straight with the goosebumps and a beating heart, and this holy spirit is amazing.

This week the antiguos misioneros left for the field, so on monday night all the elders went to the 2nd nivel and sang called to serve in spanish as loud as we could. IT WAS AMAZING. Ive never felt so united with a group of guys, besides when us soccer bros hit the field before a big game. I can´t even describe the emotions there. The language is getting better, but I quickly learned that i can only talk about the gospel in spanish, and nothing else. We went to the market across the city and it was the most humbling experience ive ever had. They gave us our cameras for the day so ill send you some pictures i took once i get out in the field in three weeks. The guatemalan people are so amazing, and poor. It was crazy seeing what kind of circumstances people live in, and i cant wait to be able to teach the gospel to them soon.

I honestly feel spiritually, emotionally, and physically stronger every night my head hits the pillow, and i know the Lord is blessing me in my life. At the same time, the adversary is real, and ive never head all my weaknesses exploited and shown to me all at once. Ive quickly learned what im bad at, and what i need to work on. The gospel is stronger than the adversary, and im still happy as ever!

The MTC hasnt changed much in the last week. We have less latinos this transfer, and the new guys are doing really well with the language. We got two nortes in our room now, so no latinos singing Demi Lovato until 11 pm.

Here´s a few funny stories and stuff we do to get by and keep from going insane..
Instead of saying buenos noches (good night) we say buenos nachos (you can translate that) and buenas nalgas (Good butts). I dont know why but it´s so funny to us. So i heard that a missionary in my field got his arm bit off by a lion at the zoo a couple years ago, and it was the first week MY president was serving, so he´s like super strict, and i cant wait to hear all the crazy rules he has!

We play volleyball during deportes because too many kids got hurt playing soccer (futsal) so they banned it. It sucks too because EVERYONE wants to play soccer, even the football jocks, because we are in a foreign country and soccer is cool to everyone now. Posers. Just kidding but seriously all the elders go a buy futbol jerseys from the venders on pday and i see nerds walking around repping some Man U or Barca and it just makes me laugh. I love all the elders here thought... casi.

Our bedroom became the party room and now all the elders come in at 10ish and we tell crazy stories about back home and it´s always a good way to end our long days. Im also grateful mi compaƱero is a bro and we get along really well. the only time me and elder tingey argued is when we were talking about who´s state was better. Arizone is bloody hot, how can he say it´s better? haha

I´m enjoying every minute of my mission, and Im so grateful to have the opportunity to serve. I probably should start sharing so spiritual experiences in my emails so here´s one.
We teach and practice each other, our teachers, the latinos, and random people throughout the MTC. The other day we taught a less active and it was amazing. I honestly could feel the gift of tongues with me. My spanish was so clear and i felt the spirit while teaching for the first time. Afterwards he gave me and elder tingey and hug and said something is spanish, obviously, i dont know what but the spirit was amazing.
Ive been working hard on learning more spanish because it´s hard to feel the spirit while teaching in another language because you´re so busy translating everything in you head. BUT, the gift of tongues is real. It´s sort of frustrating though because i was teaching latinoe 1 on 1 last night and i was choking out spanish for 20 minutes straight and it was pure garbage. I dont think i was spiritually prepared and i recognized it.

The CCM and whole missionary experience has made me think a lot about what i want in my life with the future. I´ve never thought about my future kids until i got here, and i cant wait to be a father and a husband. The gospel blesses families and i want my family to have that. I still haven´t had an inspiring expereince telling me what to do with my career, but that will come.

I love you all, and good luck with everything.

Love, Elder Walton

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