Monday, July 8, 2013


First of all, i cannot believe that is has been a whole month. i swear it was yesterday when i was walking through the security gate at the SLC airport and asking myself why i wasnt crying...? It is because i was so freaking excited to serve my mission, and i get more and more excited to go out into the field everyday!
The CCM is going by so fast, i can not believe we get a new transfer of missionaries this wednesday, i swear these newbies got here yesterday and now they are 2 weekers.
It is finally the rainy season and a big storm rolls through everyday around 3 pm. The thunder comes before the rain does, and it is surreal. I love the rain so much, maybe not so much when i have to tract in it, but looking out the window while studying español isnt too shabby. The 4th of July here was... different. the chefs made only american meals all day, and my stomach was definitely appreciative!
I cannot wait to get out into the field. Everyday for personal study in the morning i pull up a chair to the window on my floor that overlooks the busy street below. For the hour that i am studying i get to watch people walk back and forth on the sidewalk just doing their own business. The CCM is in my field, so those are MY PEOPLE. MY INVESTIGATORS. I feel the spirit everytime i look down and see a mom walking with a baby craddled in her arms, and no knowledge of the truth in her head. Although i dont know much spanish besides the gospel, i am confident in the Lord that i will be able to comminicate to the people of guatemala and help them be guided by the Spirit.
I am able to teach on almost every subject in Preach my Gospel in español now, and its crazy. Only one month, and the spanish is flowing. Our teacher challenged us to only speak spanish for two days straight, and lets just say DOLOR DE CABEZA aka HEADACHE! but, it helped me a lot with my small talk, and im just so excited for the field in two weeks!
The elders that i have become closest to leave tomorrow, and it is sad... most of them are of to Quetzaltenango which is just north of GC. They are all so chill, and are really nervous. One of my homies is Elder Erik Dalton. He is from slc and did a year up at USU. He is so tight, sexy, and has the voice of angels. all ladies interested (especially Sierra bcuz youre going to USU) look him up on (Erik Dalton)... you wont regret it.
Last night a bunch of Elders talked in a room for an hour about how hard the mission is... it was nice to relate to each other and notice that we are all doing the same thing, and we all have the common enemy of The Adversary. Some elders get down on themselves so much for no reason, and it is nice to end the night with some bromance (joke) and some venting. The spirit was strong and we all are able to help each other with confidence, homesickness, depression, and temptations. I love all the Elders on my floor and i am sad to see some leave tomorrow.
I miss Utah, i never realized how great Utah is until i got here and got locked up in Spiritual Prison for 6 weeks. Kidding. but forreal, Utah is the greatest state in the world, and i would kill to go for a drive up AF canyon and drive past the random dead deer on the side of the road. BUT, i know ill love Guate even more once i get outta prison because it is so beautiful here!
So last night we watched a devotional from Elder Bendar in 2009 and it was absolutely inspiring. It was on telling the difference on whether or not it is the Holy Ghost prompting you, or just yourself.
Here is the answer he has for all members.
The spirit is not always a huge feeling telling you to do something, and while you are waiting around as a missionary hoping to feel the spirit, you arent getting anything done.
I can not do Elder B and justice by telling you about it, you would just have to watch. it was inspiring and helped me recognize that sometimes i wont know that the spirit was guiding me until later down the road. just quit worrying about it and do it.
Read D&C 80 and notice in verse 3 that The Lord doesnt say specifically where to go, cause it doesnt matter, The Lord doesnt care, he will guide you no matter what.
This last week has been fantastic, and i know that ill be in the field before i can blink.
My spanish is a lot better than last week, and the church is so true.
If you are wondering about faith, read Alma 32: 21, 26-28.
We never will no 100% that this gospel is true, but we can get to 99.9%, and that is good enough for me.
I love you all, im so glad to hear Trek went well, and that you survived.
I AM SO EXCITED FOR CHASE WALTON! I cannot believe that he will be serving with me here in Guate, lets just say Guate is the new Germany for the Waltons eh? sorry craig.
Retalhuleu is a great mission i hear, and i will let all my teacher know to watch out for him in a couple months!
So i guess an Elder passed away in my mission a couple weeks ago, keep my Mission Pres and the Elders family in your prayers please. We was electrocuted while doing some service.
Also i sent a bunch of hand written letters last wednesday so you all should get them this week. If you want to write me a letter here in the CCM, send it by wednesday! otherwise send it to my mission home that my sister will post the address on my blog.
Keep the missionaries in your prayers, and read that book about nephi or something like that. i hear it is dece.
Elder Walton

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