Monday, August 26, 2013

Back in the day... in the eighth grade.. used to walk home eeryday in the rain... (Knowmads)

It´s been raining like crazy these last two days! I don´t know if i like it because it gets rid of the heat, or if I hate it, because everyone vanishes into their homes and it´s so hard to contact.

SOOO i bet you are all wondering what happened to the other 3 Elders in Monjas. Dia de Cambios is on the 3rd of Septiembre and most likely the other two are outta here. I dont know about Elder Soriano, he thinks he is leaving, but i doubt it. Presidente Stay isnt stupid, he didn´t overreact, he just is super dissappointed in them all. It´s been so interesting... but I have learned that the mission is NOT what you expect it to be. This week we had the reunion de Greenies in the capital on Wednesday, so i got to see all my good friends from the CCM. This morning i woke up, went to the other room to eat some dry bread and peanut butter, and came back to my companion watching a movie he brought in his suitcase.... we have a portable DVD player for my training.. but he likes to use it for other things..

So turns out us 4 missionaries are famous and known in all the other Guate missions that we went to Antigua after going and doing a session in the temple... they are crazy.

At the meeting with all us newbies, we all saw the change in each other. In one month, we are more mature, and everytime we asked each other how we have been, everyone answered the same thing, (I´ve been... good)... we all know exactly what each other mean.

This week has been so hard, but we are working harder than before which is good. I am just trying to be an example to Elder S. One cool experience we had was on Saturday ALL our appointments fell thru, and we were so frustrated... it was pooring rain... after the last house didnt answer... we just sorta started walking down the muddy road... and then i had the impression we should pray, and at that exact moment elder S said, Vamos a orar. We pulled our hoods off, and said a prayer in the road. Right when we said amen, the family we went to teach opened the door. It was the quickest answer i have ever had... and it was such a great lesson. They are inactives, and the spirit was SO strong... hopefully we can get the to church soon.

Thank you so much for the package family! Although everything in it was destroyed... candy tastes the same not matter the condition. I was actually doing splits with the DL in Jalapa when the package came with the other stuff for our Zona, so i got it a little early. I got it on the 23rd so it took 20 days.. that´s all.

I love you all so much! this week has been hard... but i am just trying to stay positive, even though my trainer isnt. He is completely burned out with Monjas... I dont know what else to say. I love you all, and thank you for all your prayers. Thank you for the great emails, they are so fun to read!

Helaman 5: 4, 8. This reminds me how I should serve my mission....


Elder Walton

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