Monday, August 19, 2013

He finished the TRIPLE?

So Elder Walton is doing really well this week, but it was sort of a crazy week for him.  I am condensing and paraphrasing his letter this week as a result.  So the blog doesn't have the full letter, but he did send pictures so there is that to look forward to. If any family or friends actually want the letter, email me or my mother.  He does say that he appreciates all of the prayers and emails everyone has been sending, so thanks for that.  So without further ado, here is his letter. I will bold the parts of the letter that are actually from Elder Walton.

Yes, Hermano Salvador finished the Libro de mormon, d&c, and perla of great price all before his baptism saturday! how amazing is he? It was such a great experience, and i was able to be therre in the font with him and my companion even though i didnt say the prayer. Man, i have so many pictures that i want to send you guys! the problem is that they are to big of a format to fit in the emails, and i dont know how to figure it out... sometimes i think i figured it out, but then it doesnt work.. but just imagine the greatest investigator ever, me, and a latino dressed in all white:)

Thursday he had the opportunity to go to the temple in the Guatemala City.  They had to leave at 3 am for the 8am session. Saturday was the baptism for Hermano Salvador.

So saturday morning we went to a members to help fix his truck to take us to Jalapa for the bap. After that we went to the baptism, and none of Hno Salvadors family wanted to come.... the baptism was great! and the Spirit was so strong. Anyways, after that we had to help a member get madera (fire wood) and got super dirty... the branch canceled the party at Salvadors because it was raining. SO we went to a investigators house and they gave us food, which was good.

Then Elder Walton's letter summarizes a string of events Saturday Night which ended up with them coming home to 2 inches of water in their house.  He is in good spirits, but he says that branch is struggling and they are working hard to get people to church.

 I love the gospel, and i am learning everyday. 

Miss you all so much. The baptism was great, and Hermano Salvador is SOOO happy. Love you all, thank you for all your emails. Keep it up, and thank you for all your prayers.

Love, Elder Walton

Chillin' in the other Monjas missionaries house on PDay

His District in the CCM. His comp is in the yellow tie. The 3 on the left are from Arizona, then Idaho, Nevada, and then Nate from UT


Sweeping out the 2 inches of water in his apartment

Elder Walton with a dead frog. Very Scenic. 

These are the signs that everyone has on their house talking about the catholic sister missionary week in November.

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