Monday, August 5, 2013

Started from the Bottom now we´re here...

So this has been one of the hardest, and most rewarding weeks in the mission. I am really struggling with this language, but my companion keeps saying, Poco a poco... little by little... eventually i know that i will wake up one day and think in spanish, not english. That might be in a couple months, but hey, paciencia is what i have learned the most lately.

So Im doing great dispite the language. My stomach on the other hand.... not so much. I love the food, but my stomach disagrees. Im pretty sick right now, but i am still strong enough to get up and take a freezing cold shower in the dirtiest bathroom known to men. Pray more my stomach, not me.

I´m making lots of friends here that arent members. AKA all the Bolos around... all the drunks... they love coming up to me the Gringo and attempting to speak english. One bolo specifically we see like everyday.. he never has a shirt, and my and Elder Soriano havent decided whether he is speaking spanish, or english... we cant tell. Im safe though, dont worry. They are too drunk to try anything!

Glad to hear that the family reunion was fun, and that you had a great time together. Sad i missed it, but i would want to be anywhere else right now. Besides maybe find a shower with warm water... hope Sean enjoyed golf tryouts. You didn´t tell me about how they went so i am assuming not the way he wanted. BUt i am keeping my hopes up that he made it!

So this whole week we have had two baptismal fechas set up. BUT, last night we met with Keslin and she´s not ready. SHe´s ignored our calls, hasnt answered her door, and slept thru church. We figured the date would fall, and turns out shes been having some... teenager problems and doesnt feel ready.... freakin the Adversary is so homo.

BUT, Hermano Salvador is going to be baptized the 17 de August, and he is the greatest investigator in the world. He has had the BoM for one week, and is in the end of Alma. AND, he spent a whole day writing down baptismal scriptures from the Bible. He´s been sick though, and couldnt come to church yesterday, so that was frustrating. He only has one leg, and uses cruches so going to church is a challenge anyways. Last night though we went to check up on him, and he´s great. He was feeling better, and we talked to him about what the bap interview will be like. He answered all the questions, and we havent even taught him the Law of Chastity yet... and he knew why it was important. FREAK. i love him and his family so much. He´s like 68 years old, and an ex Jehovahs witness. Speaking of JW´s they went over to his house twice last week and talked crap on us. There is SO MUCH apostasy here. But his son in law is a less active, but we have helped him remember his testimony, and he completely destroyed the JW´s i guess... The Lord is so amazing how he works.

Plus, speaking of apostasy... every single fetching house in Monjas has a sign that says, EN ESTE CASA, ESPERAMOS LA SEMANA MISIONERA which is a Catholic sister missionary week in NOVEMBER. and they already have signs up.... freak. APOSTASY:

I either bought all my dress slacks a 1/2 inch too short, or ive grown... also i have picked up at least 5-7 lbs. DOPE.

My companion super fun, but like i said... we are working on following ALL the rules. He likes to sleep in a bit, and blast T Swizzle and One direction... and MJ. I dont know if that is calm music for him... but it is worldly music for me... haha.

All is going well and i miss you lots! i pray for you every day multiple times. PRAY FOR HMO SALVADOR and KESLIN. I can feel your love and prayers out here!

Love, Elder Walton

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