Monday, September 23, 2013

Famous in Monjas

I say we are famous in Monjas because we contacted like crazy people this week. Presidente Stay gave a new rule/expectation that we contact 35 people everyday, 16 lessons with members, and 10 others. Along with our studies, and other affairs, you would know those numbers are basically impossible. 35 contacts everyday adds up to 245 in a week.
Dont worry everyone, Elder White and I pulled a solid 246. We both did about half, and contacting and talking with people has become so easy lately. Although most of them do not really want anything to do with us, they are still always nice. I say we are famous because multiple times we contacted the same person or familia and didnt know it when we started. That leads to the best thing that happened this week....
So we contacted a lady named Erika with her two little sons in a back alley behind the church on Wednesday, and she said to come over the next day. The problem is that there arent addresses in Monjas, so she just told us what block and her door is black. We went to her house on Thursday but she didnt live there... so we got the wrong house, and lost a potential investigator. BUT, Friday night we were contacting and I started talking with her and she said, "yeah we have already talked. we waited for you guys yesterday!" We told her we went, but we got the wrong house. turns out she lives two houses up, and the front door is to a Taller "workshop" and we didnt know that. So we put a cita with her for this Tuesday (tomorrow) and left. But on Saturday we happened to be on her street so we stopped by to invite her to church.... her husband answered the door and told us to come in. Easily the most welcoming family i have met. We invited them to church and they said "Yeah we will come!" Now a lot of people say that... so we didnt actually believe them.
Yesterday morning we were going around Monjas inviting investigatores and members to church and we didnt have time to go by her house. Now this is where the story gets cool... Church started 15 minutes late because the sacrament wasnt prepared, and Erika showed up 10 minutes late and barely made the sacrament blessing! If we hadnt started late, she wouldve missed the most important part. It was really cool and that is the first time someone has come to church that we havent even taught yet. It gets better.... she stayed for all 3 hours because her sons didnt want to leave!
I guess you could say we got a pretty good potential investigator, and i am so excited to go teach them. Yesterday i had the opportunity to speak in church... i dont know how well i did, but i felt good about it. And the language is coming better and better everyday! It is really weird that i am understanding people that i couldnt understand a word they said 5 weeks ago.
So we have had some success this week... but not really. Since Elder White got here, and we started working together we have put 7 baptismal fechas. BUT, they all have fallen besides 2 in October because none of them come to church... Our baptisms for this upcoming Saturday arent going to happen which is a shame because they have progressed so well... they are just, lazy. BUT, we still are going to work with them:)
This week has been the fastest week in the mission, and i am really starting to love the work. I can feel the Lords hand in my life everyday, and Elder White and I are having so much fun. Sometimes too much fun because we couldnt get thru a prayer without laughing for 3 days straight. He is a great missionary, and i am learning SO much from him. He went to Alta and graduated in 11.
I dont really know what else to tell you guys besides i am so thankful for everyone that helped me get to where i am. the mission is so great, and i can feel and see my life changing for the better. The church is true, and always will be. I have a stronger testimony of the Book of Mormon and the Atonement everyday, and i know that we have a Saviour who lives.
Some crazy things this week:
Saw a dog get hit by a car.
Helped a drunk get out of the road.
Got hit on by a group of snakes... gross.
Got preached to when WE were supposed to be teaching...
Walked home in a blizzard of rain last night.
Got attacked by a quorum of dogs... yes quorum.
Love you all so much. I am loving the mission, and i am safe and happy. thank you for everything, and hope all is going to well.
Read 1 Nephi 17:50. I dont remember what it was about, but i read it this week and really liked it! haha
Love you all,
Elder Nathan Walton
ps. if anyone is reading my weekly emails and hasnt emailed me, feel free to do so!:)

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