Monday, September 16, 2013

La vida de la mision

Well.... this week went SO fast and i cant believe that i am writing you all again! Fetch. So i dont even know where to start with this week. On Monday we were doing splits with the ZLs and Elder Buckley and me put two fechas with Hna Alma and Hno Rodrigo! They are great investigadores and are willing to learn and try new things (like the BoM).
We also did splits with two other elderes in our distrito so i went off to Jalapa for the day and worked with an elder who finishes in a month. and guess what?? We put two fechas bautismales in their area too! It has been crazy! Oh something tight is... the date for Alma and Rodrigo is the 28th of Sept! So if you know me well, that is a pretty sick date.
Some crazy stories from this week is we went to a house to teach a lesson to a familia that we contacted the day before, and their uncle was there from the capital. He started telling us how an angel visits him every morning and tells him things like who is going to Hell and who isnt. One time he told us he asked the angel out of 30 people, how many go to heaven. "3 or 4 at most..." WHAT THE? We quickly ended the lesson and left... it was crazy and every word he said had a bad spirit with it..
This week was crazy in Monjas because yesterday was the 15th of September which is dia de independencia in Guate. So allll week they were partying in the streets; parades, fireworks, water balloons, etc. Also we had 9/11 (hope all was good in the US), 12 of Sept (3 months for me, and 1 year for my comp), friday the 13th as well.... crazy week! On the 12th my comp burned a shirt and tie to celebrate a year... and so i decided to burn a sock! Haha 3 months down, 21 to go:) I got some good video and photos from these last couple weeks!
The last crazy story i want to share is.... we taught a lesson to a girl we contacted.. and her brother DURING OUR LESSON was watching porn right behind us... we could hear it while we taught and prayed.... I dont know what else i should say about that.
Lots of other great things happened this week and cool experiences and stories.
My testimony is growing stronger everyday, and the mission is getting easier as well. I was pretty home sick the first month in the field, but i didnt let it get to me. It is easier now and i am really starting the love the mission work and life! I can honestly testify of the Book of Mormon and i know without a doubt that it is true!
I am thankful that i was able to baptized with the true autoridad of the priesthood, and that i can make covenios with My Heavenly Father and The Lord. (Matt 28:18-19 only scriptures i have to share today).
Thank you for all, and i can feel your love and prayers everyday! The language is coming aswell... slowly, but i can see my progress everyday. I dont understand everything, but i can follow every conversation. Contacting and talking to people is so easy now. In the moment speaking spanish doesnt seem like much, but looking back it is pretty cool that i can talk with these people! The guatemaltechnos are great, and i am learning to love the people everyday.
Thank for everything, and i love you all so much!

Elder Nathan Walton

ps. I weighed myself on a scale in a members home, and with my shoes and clothes i was 205 lbs. So i am guessing i am 195+ lbs.... and i was 180 when i left for the CCM.
"In Monjas, we talk clear"

View from the balcony

Elder Walton burning his sock to commemorate his 3 months

"Live Monjas! The future is in your hands"

Nate and his new companion

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