Monday, September 30, 2013

October? What?

Well this was easily the fastest week so far. and i know that i said that last week... so it is getting faster and faster and we are working SO hard. I cant believe the other 3 missionaries have been here in Monjas for a month already! so weird... but i love the mission and it has been so great!

We have had some pretty crazy stuff happen lately... in all aspects. My comp and I experienced the weirdest lesson of our lives, and i will tell you about that on Christmas if you remind me! haha.

As for this week i only have a couple stories worth sharing. First, last pday we went to the border of El Salvador because it is in our zona... it wasnt too exciting, but we took a couple pictures. It is weird to think i am only 4 hours MAX away from my bro Grant Rowberry!

So on Wednesday the Hermanas gave a referencia that they contacted in the street. It was a lady who is an inactive member and she invited them over the next day, so the sisters came with and showed us where because it was in our area. Hermana Portillo is her name and she has been inactive for 8 years, but we just shared with her our testimonies and desire for her to return to the church, and she says she really wants to go back! She came to church with her daughter who is 9 and not baptized, and little boy. they stayed all 3 hours and enjoyed it! Some of the members knew her, but others thought she was just an investigator. We have a lesson with her and her family tomorrow and we are hoping that her daughter accepts a baptismal date!

We officially have REACTIVATED a family... into their old Evangelica church. When we started teaching them, they hadnt gone to church in 10 years. So we went yesterday to invite them to church, and they said that theyre going to THEIR church. Hahaha we put fechas with this family too. They wanted to baptized... BUT want to go to their old church. Yeah Elder White and i arent really sure, but we just have kind of laughed it off.

Our investigator Rodrigo is doing good/bad. We had a lesson with him in the church and watched the Joseph Smith movie and he loved it. he reads the BoM everyday, and is gaining a testimony for himself. He ALSO went to an Evangelica church yesterday and has been flaking out on all our citas with him. We go to his house when he tells us to, and he is never there.

My BIRTHDAY was great! My comp bought me a burger and fries and they delievered to our house while we were studying. The hermanas made me a little gift, and the members all went to Familia Escobar and we had cake and they sung to me in the night. It was a lot of fun, and i am really thankful!

D&C 64:9-11 is a great scripture about forgiving and not judging. Me and my comp have been trying to work on our attitude with the people, and not JUDGE them. It is really hard.... we contacted 250+ people this week and nobody really wants anything. Also the people we are teaching arent really progressing. Elder White and i know that if we keep working hard, we will eventually be blessed, even if it isnt here in Monjas.

"Youth are being raised in enemy territory" - Boyd K Packer.
We GOT TO stay close to the gospel!

Thank you so much for you prayers and love, and i love you all so much. Know that we are working hard here in Monjas, and the the mission work is so amazing. Love and miss you all so much, and tell our state of Utah hi for me.

Elder Nathan Russell Walton

"Church Activity Swag" 
I have no idea what's going on in this picture ~Courtney

Soaking wet from all the rain

At the border of El Salvador

Elder Walton's Birthday Cake

Elder Walton and his Birthday Burger

The feet of a missionary

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