Monday, September 9, 2013

Work on Work on Work

Monjas has 4 gringos. That is right. FOUR! I can honestly confirm and testify that Presidente Stay receives revelation, and knew who to send to Monjas.
What else? The other companionship is sisters! Although the branch doesnt have much priesthood, the branch also needed sisters which was a good move by the Pres again.
My companion has a year in the field, and his name is Elder White from Sandy, UT. It is so different contacting, and teaching with a gringo like him and the mission actually feels like a mission now! We are working our butts off and i have never felt better in the mission! Yesterday we had 3 investigadores at church that we contacted and taught a quick lesson about the Plan of Salvation on Friday. They agreed to come to church, so saturday we taught about the Sabbath day! It has been amazing, and i am loving the work more and more. The one investigador Hermano Rodrigo stayed for all 3 hours too, which was dope. Idk how else to put it. DOPE.
The first couple days were a little difficult having to show my comp and the hermanas all the members and investigadores and just Monjas overall. I was a little overwhelmed, but the Branch is supporting us a TON and have helped the sisters out a lot. It is a little difficult because Hna Sanchez (Ut) is training a greenie Hna Martin (Az)... so when we are together we gotta try really hard to speak spanish. Dont worry about my spanish though, me and Elder White only speak spanish to each other until we finish planning at night. It has been a lot of fun and we are doing a lot of good work! i hope all is well back home with everyone, and you are all in my prayers.
The Lord puts us thru a hot fire at first so we can burn off our imperfections, and i am definitely burning off a lot. I have never prayed so hard in my life, and i can see The Lords hand in my life on the daily. It has been pretty amazing and i dont know what else i should say besides thank you for all your prayers, and just know that Monjas has done a complete 180 and we are going up hill with the work. My spanish is really coming, and i am getting to a point that i understand 80-90%... and speaking the language just comes with practice.!
Please read 3 Nefi 12:43-44 and also 13:5-6. I think these are doctrines that we need to follow and always remember as members and representatives of the Church of Christ.
Love you all and thank you so much! Monjas is great!
Elder Walton

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