Monday, October 14, 2013

Another Change Finished

Hey family and everyone else!

This last week has been pretty good. It went by super fast because we had a lot going on! It has been raining a ton still which is super weird because supposedly the rain season is over. I am just going to skip all the little details of the week up until Friday. We did divisions with the ZLs again because they had to do our baptismal interview for Hermanita Sayri Portillo (i am not sure if i have mentioned her before). E Buckley and I were contacting in an area i have never contacted before, and we were just hitting houses. He was talking to some lady, so i just went down the street a little more, and knocked on a door. It didnt look like anyone lived there, but i had the feeling i should knock their door anyways. A young pregnant mom came out, and it was a lady that i had contacted up the road the day before, and we actually had a cita with her at 530 that afternoon. So i told her we would come back, and she said she would be waiting with her husband. We went back and they are one of the coolest couples i have ever met. We taught them the restauration and they both mentioned how they felt something special. We committed them to coming to church and they were both really excited to go. Their names are Hugo and Haydee and they are amazing!

Anyways the baptism of Hermana Sayri was on Saturday and she asked me to baptize her, so that was a really cool experience. Her mom and older brother are less actives that we are reactivating and her cousins and Grandma too. About half the cousins came to the baptism, and her stepdad who isnt a member came too. I think he really enjoyed it, and so we are going to try to work with him too. It was an amazing baptism, and The Lord has really blessed us.

On Sunday we were to Hugo and Haydees and they were all ready in sunday clothes. Which is super rare because half the members dont even wear sunday dress. It was testimony meeting, and i think they really liked it. Also i taught sunday school so i was able to focus my lesson on them too. They left after the 2nd hour and we are going to teach them on Wednesday.

Now for the crazy parts of the week. I HAVE DANGEY. That disease that mosquitos carry around....? Yeah, i have it. So these last 5 days have been miserable. I have been able to get out of bed and force myself to go work... but it hasnt been easy. I finally allowed myself to call the nurse this morning and she told how to take care of it... it is going to take some time though. Dont worry too much about me, just i definitely will appreciate all your prayers!

Thanks so much for everything, and i love you all. You are all in my prayers, and we are working hard!!

We found out the changes last night, and E White and I are together here in Monjas for at least 6 more weeks.

Thanks for everything, and we are working hard and trying to find those who are ready to receive the Lords gospel here in Monjas Guatemala.

Love you all so much,

Elder Nathan Russell Walton
My adorable baptism

This is Elder Cabosmalon who is in an area in Jalapa who was baptizing too. He is from Arequipa Peru.

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