Monday, October 21, 2013

I Hate Mosquitos!

So I dont really have TOO much to write about this week. I progressively got more and more sick this week with dangue. It got to a point where i couldnt move my eyes or it would just kill my head so bad. BUT, i feel almost 100% now, and i am doing a lot better. Thanks for all your prayers, I know that and a priesthood blessing is what helped me get back on my feet. BUT, since i have been sick, we didnt get to work as much as we would've liked this week.... Nothing too exciting happened. At least, nothing worth sharing.

All of our investigators DIDnt come to church yesterday becuase they were all either working, and were not home when we stopped by. So that was a bummer. Since i dont have anything good to share this week, i will just share my general feelings about the mission.

I forgot what a hot shower feels like. I got some rashes, and my feet are just one big calais. I got a pretty cool tan line where my watch is, and i am dang good a shaving my face. The language is so weird, i dont know when i started understanding it, but i do. It just takes time i guess. I dont speak it perfectly, and it is SO annoying when the guates correct me.... but besides that, the language comes.

I love the mission, sometimes it is easy to get down on myself, but I always end up in a good mood at the end of the day. The harder we work, the better i feel. That is why this week has been rough, because we were not able to work as hard as we would have liked, so i got pretty down.

Monjas is great, and i have come to love it. The branch is doing... okay. The problem is that a lot of people always talk about all the good they are going to do, and people (including ourselves sometimes) dont follow through with their commitments. It is hard to keep the shaky members active, and the active members positive. I dont want to sound negative, i am just sharing what it is like. We are working hard, and i have really grown close to some the of members. Some of them do truly have the desire to help the branch grow and get back to where is was a long time ago.

The culture is so different here, and the people are so blunt about everything. It is so fun though, and i am growing to love the country and culture. I almost have forgotten what it is like back there in Utah, no joke. I obviously still miss you all a lot though!

My testimony of the Book of Mormon grows everyday, and there is absolutely no way it isnt 100% true. Joseph Smith was a chosen called prophet of God, and probably the greatest man to walk this Earth besides our Savior Jesus Christ. I love the examples that the prophets in the BoM are to all of us, and there are so many great stories we can learn from. I started reading the BoM in spanish about 2 months ago and i am in Jacob... i am slowly getting there, and i got to a point where i can read without using my english version next to me. I just read, and understand it. It is amazing how real the gift of tongues is the the power of God is so mighty.

I love you all so much, and I am thankful for the letters, emails, and gifts that i have gotten from you all. Thanks for being the best support ever, and i love you all with all my heart. Thanks for everything and always remember to turn to the Lord for help.

Elder Nathan Russell Walton

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