Monday, October 7, 2013

Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel

Dang, was conference not so amazing? I think it was one of the most directed conferences i have ever heard, all leaning towards the members and women. Pretty crazy.

This week was pretty good! We had our Zone conference and so Pres Stay and his wife came and it was an all morning/afternoon thing. Our president is really picking up the expectations of the mission, and the pressure is on. We arent hear to mess around. After the zone conference i started a two-day splits with the ZLs. So i was in Jalapa in their area with Elder Buckley from Lehi. It was pretty cool, and he taught me a lot on teaching, he really know how to connect with everyone he talks with and teaches so i am trying to increase my ability to do that. I can teach fine, and the language isnt too much of a barrier anymore, i just want to be able to connect with the people better. It was a lot of fun to do spilts and we found this awesome family! We contacted them, and they let us in for a quick 15 minutes lesson. The father instantly opened up and told us that he has problems with alcohol and wants to change. I was able to explain to him that that is why we are here, to help him with whatever he needs, and to bring him and his family closer to Christ. We went back the next day and taught them the Restauration. Even though they arent married but have for kids, E Buckley still invited them to be baptized and they agreed, but the man asked "dont we have to be married?" They explained that is something they would like to do along with baptism and it was so amazing! The spirit was so strong and the language wasnt fatiguing me at all while i taught them. I have never seen anyone have the desire to change so strongly, honestly. The ZLs are still teaching the family and they will be baptized the month.

Some cool stories that happened this week.... well it is Sugar Cane season and all this little kids walk around selling sugar cane sticks that look like giant bamboo. We bought some for 5 quetzals and it is amazing! You just break the stick, peel off the bark, and then bite the flesh, and suck out the sugar.... pretty cool.

Weird story is we contacted a lady named Lydia in the street and put a cita with her, so she gave us the description of her house. We went two days latter and this grumpy old lady came to the door. "Is lydia here?" No. I dont know who lydia is. "Really, this is the house she told us she lives in." Nope, wrong house, dont know lydia..... SO we contacted her and asked her her name. LYDIA. hahaha so i asked "So you dont have a daughter named lydia then?" NO. "okay well is there a day that we could come back and share a message with you?" NO, i dont like any religion on this earth.
HAHA so we just left..... later that night my comp called Lydia (the daughter) and turns out she does live there and that was her crazy mom. I dont think we will be going back anytime soon...

Well conference was amazing. We watched all 5 sessions at the church, and us American missionaries crammed in the Stake Presidents office and watched it in english on saturday. And on sunday we watched it in the Stake High Council room, in english. It was so great and i loved every talk. I could honestly go off talking about every single talk in this email, but the only one i want to address was by Elder Edward Dube.
"NEVER LOOK BACK. LOOK AT WHAT WE STILL HAVE TO DO." I love that quote so much, and it is now my motto on the mission. I complete 4 months in the mission this week, and i am never going to look back, and just keep looking forward. This motto can apply to the mission, repentance, our baptism covenants, enduring to the end, our goal to enter the temple, etc. It was so great, and the talk by Elder Edward Dube really had a good affect on me.

Thank you so much for all your support, and i love you all so much. I miss you, and the conference made me miss you all a little more, but not TOO much:) Thank you for your prayers, and remember, never look back.

Love you all,
Elder Nathan Russell Walton

As Elder Walton puts it "Watching conference as the Gringos!"

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