Monday, November 4, 2013

About to Take the Step


Okay so besides that... it has been a good week. We are teaching some great families and hopefully this week we can put some baptismal dates with them.... we fasted super hard this weekend, and we are trying to stay positive and invite the spirit to testify to the people of monjas. So this week was not too exciting... but it was good!

On Tuesday i did splits with Elder Major from PG, and it was fun to be the senior companion for the day. I am amazed at how far my spanish has come, and the gift of tongues was definitely with me that day. The gift of tongues is so real, some days the language is easy to speak and understand, and then i find myself struggling to speak other days. I just need to keep showing faith and practicing so i can get rid of my bad language days.

It was a lot of fun to be with Elder Major. We did some good contacting and teaching. Although his spanish isnt the best, he has the desire to work and talk with everyone, and i can see the drive in him, that i didnt have when i entered the field... so that was inspiring. We also had a branch activity... My convert Hermano Salvador and his family moved to El Progreso (20 minutes from Monjas) and is in a different branch, so we had a going away party with him. It was really neat and i learned how to make pupusas with E Major (Salvadoreano food).

We had some other great activities and experiences this week. I have officially decided that the Book of Mormon is the greatest thing known to man. My most spiritual and amazing lessons i have been in have been when we are teaching about the Restoracion and Joseph Smith. The book of mormon and the First Vision is the story and message we share.. not the plan of salvacion, and not the gospel of Christ. Those too... dont get me wrong... but the most important for the people to hear is the restoracion. Sometimes it is intimidating or scary to share the Restoracion, because you dont want them to go crazy on you, or ask difficult quesitons. But the spirit is ALWAYS there, and i can truly testify of the realness of the Spirit and him as a companion. The world needs to hear about Jose Smith, The BoM, and the restoracion of the gospel... that is why we are missionaries.

So some cool stories from this week.... Well Hugo and Haydee (recently married couple) came to chruch for the second time:) I saw a teenager wearing a inter Fc jersey form UTAH. on the front it said hahaha lots of donated clothing comes here, and they sell them in "American" stores or pacas.

Me and my comp are super tight with the PIMP of the town basically... hes got SWAG. He name is Jesus, and he thinks we are his homeboys. We are going to teach him on Thursday... that should be interesting.. haha

Another story is i did splits of Friday with the ZLs and i went to Jalapa with Elder Huayta from Peru. He is a super good missionary and i learned a lot from him. It was the first time being with a latino comp.. and understanding basically everything he said. We threw a rock at a bull, i hit it in the head. Long Story:)

Well everyone read Mosiah 4:17 :)

Love you all and thank you for your emails and letters. Thank you for the support and you are all in my prayers. The church is true... even when you turn the nob and there isnt water... for 2 days:)

Love you all.
Elder Nathan Russell Walton
Elder Walton's little friend

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