Monday, November 11, 2013

Just Getting Prepared...


It started yesterday... and it is going to be a long... week. There are nuns walking all around towns, and people follow them around with huge flags basically worshiping them... it is super creepy. There are also decorations all over town... i will make sure to take some pics!

Some crazy stuff that happened is last week we realized that a teacher blessed the sacrament... welcome to the Monjas Guate Branch. We met Lorenzo Snows great grandson... this random amercian who married a guatemalan and comes down twice a year... we gave him a BoM and he says that he still has family in Utah.. Obviously.

Our investigators that are supposed to be baptized in two weeks are in the hospital because the wife is having her baby! Finaaly! They are a great couple, and we had a great couple lessons with them this week. The spirit was so strong... and the only reason people know our message is true is thru the spirit.

We did some service on wednesday and i have had gross popped blisters on my hands all week... yeah my missionary hands have gotten pretty soft and girly. :(

So the best story from this week ill tell you right now. So the sisters in monjas had a baptism on Saturday. It was at 5 pm and during the middle of the day when we had a bunch of appointments. For some reason, even though the whole branch was going, we didnt feel like we should go to the baptism. We both felt like we needed to go to these appointments we had put. We ended returning to a ladys house, shes named Marie Jose... and her husband and daughter came and listened to our lesson. We taught them the Restoration, and it was amazing. They loved the story and faith of Joseph Smith and are determined to find out if our church is true. They are such and amazing family, and the wife was so happy she was actually crying... which is weird. Just as a young new couple they have had a hard time deciding what church to attend, and they were so thankful for our message.

Yesterday was Sunday. After some amazing lessons and a good week. NO ONE, was able to go to chruch. THey all had commitments... well i guess having a baby and giving birth counts, but still. Anyways i was super frustrated, and disappointed in my Heavenly Father... I didnt understand why.. during sacrament I read D&C 88:65 and wow.... then right after sacrament an 18 year old we are teaching showed up, and stayed for the last two classes and loved the church. The Lord always finds a way to humble me... and i always find myself being humbled... more than i like it sometimes;)

We bought some crappy hotdogs in the street and blew 7 Quetzales on it... also i decided Satan does anything in his power to stop the spirit from being in lessons. Everytime we teach the Restoration i always feel like distracting start coming around the exact moment we start teaching about Joseph Smith.. it is so crazy and scary. But The Lord always overcomes.

Thank you for the emails, prayers, and all the love! i am so thankful for everyone... and i know that the lord is hastening his work. Love you all. Sorry if my emails back are short today, we are writing early because we are off to hike a volcano today! Ill send pics!
Love you all so much, church is true, peace out.

Elder Nathan Russell Walton

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