Monday, November 25, 2013

Monjas for Life

So we found out the changes last night, and I am staying for another six weeks at least with Elder White! I am happy because we have some potential baptisms soon, but i dont why Presidente Stay is keeping me here. It is such a hard area, and i feel like i would be more useful somewhere else. It is sometimes frustrating watching an Elder from my group who is here in Jalapa have 9 baptisms and in Monjas.... baptizing doesnt rain too often. But, both the sisters in Monjas have changes and theyre way sad. I told Hna Martin, I dont know why Pres Stay is keeping me in Monjas, and she said "It isnt him who is keeping you there." That definitely made me feel dumb and humbled. I read a quote in a talk from Elder Holland a couple days ago and it says, "Be reassured of Heavenly Father´s abundance towards YOU." I definitely need to count my blessings as i am sure we all do.

On Tuesday i did splits and went to one of the wards in Jalapa with Elder Lopez from Mexico. He speaks SUPER fast and it definitely made me realize i need to be more humble about my progress in spanish, and therre is a lot of room to learn, always. I had trouble understanding him and always had to ask him to repeat things if i wasnt listening to him.

SO WAS THANKSGIVING THIS LAST WEEK? No one in Guate knows whether or not.... but sounds like it is this next week right? Hope a happy thanksgiving to all, and i am so thankful for you my family, friends, and lovedones. I am so thankful for the oportunity to be a missionary and i am so glad that i am here and not there!:P

On thursday we brought a less active teenager who is in town from the capital with us to some lessons. He didnt say a word, but i think that our lessons and examples as missionaries helped him, and he came to stake conference in a white shirt and tie yesterday which was cool.

This weekend was a Stake Conference thru Satelitte, so Pres Eyring, and Elder Scott spoke to the people of Guatemala and it was amazing. They talked about the importance of women, and how much growth has happened here recently. They talks were great and Elder Scott speaks great spanish btw. Our best investigator Eduardo (18 yrs old) came with us all the way to Jalapa and really liked the conference. This week he said he wasnt ready to accept a baptismal date, but i think this next week he will, becuase he loved conference so much. He is a shyer kid, and has to talk care of his whole family becuase dad is in US, so he isnt much of a jokester or teenager. He is super humble and so great.

The coolest thing from this whole week is Hermano Salvador Salguero (my convert with one leg) was sustained to the office of Elder yesterday and received the melquisedec priesthood. He is so amazing and is bringing to many to the church by his example. He lives in the Progreso Branch now, so i wasnt able to be there for the confirmation, but i am still so happy and proud of him.

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and i love you so much.
"I´ve never been afraid to lose." - Michael Jordan

Elder Nathan Russell Walton

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  1. Melchizedek -- but he was close (or maybe that's the Spanish spelling). Hahaha... Enjoy Monjas, Nate -- you'll get your time elsewhere, and it's not always about the baptisms. I think he's already doubled what I did in two years in Denmark. :-p