Monday, December 30, 2013

Almost 2014!

I am happy and thankful that i will be able to spend the whole year of 2014 in the mission field doing The Lord´s work.

This week was definitely an interesting one... lots of meetings and traveling to and from Jalapa to Monjas. Thanks for skypeing me fam! It was so great and so nice to talk with you:) I hope you enjoyed it, and sorry for crying at the end.. i dont know where that exactly came from.

Christmas eve is the main celebration day here in Guate.... we were able to visit a couple members who invited us over for dinner, and it was pretty fun. EVERYONE makes tamales for xmas, and drinks ponche. After visiting with the members Elder White and I went and delivered some gifts that we secretly made, and it was so hard to ditch on a doorstep without anyone noticing the two gringos. We were allowed to stay out til 12, and xmas is crazy here. EVERYONE lights fireworks at midnight for twenty minutes straight and it was crazy... we just watched them in all directions from our patio, it was pretty cool... lots of smoke. The next day the streets were absolutely covered with firework ash and burnt paper... it is so ridiculous.

XMAS wasnt too exciting of a day because no one wanted anything... so we just sort of wandered the streets talking with people. I felt as if life was in slo-mo.... the streets were basically evacuated and empty.

I sadly got hit with the flu this week... so that is always fun, but i am doing well!

On Saturday we went with the branch and our investigators to Jalapa to see a baptism. Fma Perez didnt really want to go... i dont know exaclty why, but we finally were able to convince them to go, and they loved it and the spirit that was there. Also the family Castro (owners of bar) came as well, they are such a great family.... we just arent able to get them to church yet. We are working hard and i know that The Spirit is working with them.

I probably will be leaving Monjas next Tuesday, so we have been trying to help fma Perez that they are ready to be baptized... and they are SO close! I think tonight we will be doing a Family Home Evening with them and a few members, so pray for them, and that the Spirit is with us, so they agree to baptism tonight!

Church was decent yesterday, even though we got a lousey 33 people there. Elder White and I both gave talks... I spoke on Charity and the pure love of Christ. The Branch Pres told me to choose the topic, and little did i know that that was the topic for Sunday School too. So my talk was aplicable in the second hour of church. I talked about how Christ loves us so much, that he literally suffered EVERYTHING we have gone thru, and are going to go through as well. He loves us and knows us perfectly. Alma 7:11-13 is an amazing scripture about our Saviors atoning sacrifice.

Thank you for all the xmas wishes and love. I love you all so much and miss you! Hope you have a great new year! Set goals for 2014, and keep them. My new years resolution is... I havent decided yet... next week i will tell you. ;)

love you all,
elder nathan russell walton

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