Monday, December 23, 2013


So this last week went by SUPER fast. I am going to write a short email because i need to reply to lots of people today, plus i get to chat with you fam on Wednesday. We are planning on SKYPEing you at 2 in the afternoon, but i will probably call you xmas morning just to let you know when we will skype because things arent official yet. Glad you all made it safe down to ST GEORGE and tell GR i say hi and all:) This week was pretty good and went by super fast!

Eduardo and his family are doing so good. They are planning on being baptized on the 4th of January right before i most likely leave Monjas. They already feel like they are members, and they go to church and all the activities. Pray for the familia PEREZ.

We decided to change up our way of work this week and we taught a bunch of lessons. Lots of doors got opened to us and we found a couple cool families.

That familia that i mentioned about last week, those who have a bar, are AMAZING. We taught them twice this week and they are so willing to learn, and they are planning on changing their bar to a store pretty soon, because they know and realized they our hurting the lives of their brothers. The only problem with this family is they dont like going to church, so no, they didnt come yesterday... BUT please pray for their wife CARLA, she is the one holding them back with the church attending:)

We finally got a family to church yesterday, and explained the importance. The wife Maria Jose has had bad experiences in the churches and for that reason they havent come, but they came yesterday! and they loved it:) Pray for FAMILIA VALENZUELA. (good luck pronouncing that mom).

We got a solid 44 at church yesterday again, even with strong members on vacation. Monjas and the branch is growing so well and solidly. I am really happy with the work right now, and i fell the spirit guiding us more and more everyday.

So that is all i have to say this week. Hope you all traveled, or travel safe this week! Love you and and read ALMA 8, because if it wasnt for Amulek, alma the younger wouldnt of had his success ba?

Love you all and MERRRRRRY CHRISTMAS! cant wait to talk with you Mom, Dad, Court, Sean, and GR!

love, elder nathan russell walton

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