Monday, December 9, 2013

Xmas is Coming

This has a been a very interesting week. It started off on Monday night with a really good investigator family telling us that they wont be coming to church anymore because they dont believe in polygamy. We explained the whole story and that we dont practice polygamy, butttt they wouldnt budge. They saw a program online i guess, and that they dont believe in that kind of stuff. I was super disappointing, but i was comforted that we are doing our job, and sometimes Satan is able to get the weak. It was just comforting to know that we werent the reason for them not joining the church, we did our part.

This week we had our zone conference for xmas, and it was great. It was a multizone conference and us (jalapa) joined with cuilapa and got to hear from Presidente Stay. The coolest part is that Elder Soriano AND Elder Tingey both happened to be in the Cuilapa zona, so i got to see all my companions. I took a photo of us all together, so i will be sure to send it:) During the conference was watched that new movie "Ephraims Rescue" and is was amazing. The saints suffered and gave up everything for the church. I know that the first saints must be the strongest out of ALL the children of God. One quote that i loved from the movie is, "You got to lose life to find it".  I think we can apply and interpret that however we want, and it just hit me really hard.

We had an activity in Monjas on Thursday, and a inactive family that we found came and they loved it. my comp and elder Buckley visited them on Friday and they are such a great family (we were doing splits, i was in jalapa). On Saturday we passed by and invited them to a baptism that the sisters in Monjas had (the convert is a niece of a member, and basically converted herself just by going to church, missionaries hardly met with her). On Satuday that inactive family showed up to go to the baptism in Jalapa, and there was 10 of them because they brought their kids who live away in a small pueblo. SO CRAZY. They loved it, and hopefully they can start coming to church again.

So we have been meeting with Eduardo (18 yrold) a lot lately, and with his family too. He finally feels ready for baptism, is preparing to be baptized this next saturday. PLEASE pray for him, and he preparation. He is an amazing kid, and is so humble. We just need to make sure he can get to that font before Satan pulls out his special tricks. PLEASE PRAY.

The xmas devotional last night was amazing, and it just love how amazing the xmas spirit is. It is 100% completely different here in Monjas, but I am trying to enjoy the culture difference:) One quote that i loved from last night was, "He prayed for inspiration, and prayed AGAIN."

Thank you all for your prayers and love. The mission is great and we are working hard. The Lord is definitely blessing us a lot lately, and I never have had so much patience in my life. I love and miss you all, and hope you are enjoying the holiday season. LOVE YOU.

elder nathan russell walton

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