Monday, January 6, 2014


They called us last night, i have changes! I am super excited to start the next chapter in my life as a missionary, but i am also super sad. I am going to miss the missionaries in my zone, Elder White, and the members i am leaving behind in Monjas. I started packing this morning, and tonight i am going to say goodbye to the members and investigators.

I am super thankful i had the opportunity to serve in Monjas. I have never learned so much... about myself, about the Gospel, and especially about The Lord. I feel like i am leaving Monjas a better place, and I am never going to forget it. Everyone please always pray for Monjas, the branch is still struggling along... i know once the attendence gets high enough, and they build a chaple, it will grow so fast. Pray for the Branch President and the faithful members who have gone though so much.

So this week was pretty good. I did splits with Elder Buckley again. We started the 31st and spent NYE together which was fun. SO LOUD and midnight again. SO MANY firecrackers. We woke up on the 1st and realized we werent going to be able to finish splits, because there werent buses on the 1st. So we did two straight days of splits, which is always fun! I stayed in Monjas, and my comp was with Elder Huayta in Jalapa.

My english is gettin strange... i caught myself saying some weird stuff this week... for example.
SELLED, BUYED, and SHAKED. All conjugated wrong.... yeah... that is what happens.. i will make sure things remain SOLD, BOUGHT, and SHOOK.

We got an inactive family of 4 years at church yesterday and they loved it. They are such a great family, just alcohol has a Little to do with their inactiveness. Pray for Hermano Asencion!

So we had a solid family that we were visiting and teaching... but the Hermano woke up hungover on the 2nd, and called me. They asked for 1500 to pay for their electric bill. Sadly i explained to them that we couldnt lend money, and he got furious. I told his wife earlier that week that we are here to help them with whatever, and she misunderstood me i guess. So there went that family:(

So as for family Perez.... there are still nonmembers. Eduardo has gone to church 10 times and finally has accepted a date for the 11th, so lets hope Elder White and his comp can help him and the rest of the family to baptism. You will have to read Elder Whites blog to see their progression. And i will let you know as well when i find out. Eduardo is so amazing and i am a Little sad that i wont be there for his baptism, but that is alright!:)

Thanks for all the love and emails, and most important, the prayers.
love you all so much.

Elder nathan Russell walton

ps. Read almo 48:17 and then after 11-13. We need to seek those attributes of such an amazing leader and captain.

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