Friday, January 24, 2014

New Area, New Comp

So to start off I will let you all know where i am at! I am in the ZONA 3 de Mixco. It is inside the capital and a great ward. The ward is Nueva Montserrat. My comp is Elder Morillo and he is from the Dominican Republic. The craziest part is i am in Elder Whites FIRST area! I have met all his converts and all the people that he shared stories to me about in the 4 months we were together.
It is SO different from Monjas and I feel so blessed. The ward attendance was 153 yesterday, just a little different from the 30s we were pulling in the branch of Monjas.

My companion is SUPER cool. He has a sick personality and is super smart. He can pull scriptures and quotes out of nowhere. I look up to him a lot and am learning lots. I feel like my spanish is getting better everyday, even though i felt comfortable with the language 3 months ago.. haha.

The members are so great, and so helpful. I dont even know what to think about the area. We have so much support and it is SO different that my first 7 months of the mission. I feel like i started over in a whole new world.

We have so great investigators right now, that came to church yesterday for the second time each. The first is named Ricardo... he is ready for baptism on the 25th, the only problem is that he isnt married yet. luckily that are a couple lawyers in the ward that help with that for free, he just needs to propose! The wife was super unreceptive at the start, but we brought her a cute letter on Wednesday and she listened to us for the first time. She completly opened up, and started crying. So she is defintiely willing for marriage, and hopefully we can get her to the church soon! Pray for Ricardo.

Second is one of the most humble man i have ever met. His name is Esguin, and is super ready to be baptized. He lives with his mom right now and is looking for work. The problem is that he is probably going to move to Peten, so we need to work with him and let him realize that if he follows Christ first, he will be blessed with work.

(sorry my english is super bad now that i am with a Latino)

The ward is amazing and the members are super nice. I have tried super hard to have a smile always on my face, and i feel like the members already have trust in me. I am so grateful to be here in Montserrat and starting my second chapter of the mission.

I am also super sad to not be in Monjas. I cant believe how much i learned there. If i could express my happiness with The Lord in this email... the computer would malfunction because of my tears of joy. I learned so much there, i cant express how much i know that it was pure revalation on Pres Stays part to send me there.

Christ is the center of our church. 2 nephi 25:26.

Take care and i love you all. Stay safe with that terrible weather up there.
Love you all so much, and pray for Esguin y Ricardo!

love, elder nathan russell walton

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