Monday, March 17, 2014

9 Already?

Well i hit the 9 month mark last week... i dont if i am happy or sad about it. Both i guess. 15 months left to work and bless these people. That isnt that much if you think about it.

It wasnt our best week, and my faith, patience and diligence has been tested. But i have faith and i am confident that this next week will be a lot better and more productive.

This week we had a conference with Presidente Stay. He talked about the things that destroy our FAITH. And more then anything it is FEAR.

Fear by the cause of sin. Alma 7:15
Fear for the lack of love. Moroni 8:15
Fear for the lack of preparation. D&C 36:30

The scriptures are the answers and explanaitons that our Pres gave us. I am trying so hard to completly remove the fear i have when it comes to all aspects of the mission..

Some good news from this last week. Eswin our convert received the aaronic priesthood and was ordained a Priest in the ward. After our meetings yesterday we went to the stake center at 5 for a stake priesthood session and we brought him and Ricardo with us. They both we glowing afterwards, and keep praying for Eswins progression, and Ricardo, so he can make the decsion to get married and be baptized.

We are working hard, and sorry this is a short email. I am thankful for all the scriputres and advice you all send me. You are in my prayers, and I am learning so much, growing, and trying to help this ward i am in.

CRAZY SHORT STORY: We were walking in the far corner of the area and all of the sudden someone yells "ELDERS, over here." We turn around and there was a WHITE family. Turned out they are on vacation. They are from Toronto, Canada and are here for 2 week vacation. The mom is guatemalan, and they are awesome. They gave us some references because she has a ton of relatives in our area. They are members and the son is off to St George Utah on the mission soon! So yeah that was definitely a shocker. We are going to eat dinner with them this week, and try to get to know her relatives. Crazy, right??

Love you all,

Elder Nathan Russell Walton

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