Monday, March 24, 2014


SO if you get the time family and friends, look up EL SUEÑO MÁS GRANDE on Youtube. We had a ward activity on Saturday, and this was the video our Mission Leader used. He gave a Motivational Talk and the activity went great. The little video is about what we are willing to do to accomplish our dreams, and if our dreams are realistic.

This week went pretty well. This next coming week will probably be my last one with Elder Morillo, and so I will let you all know if he has transfers next week when we find out!

I think the best thing that happened this week was that Eswin said the opening prayer in sacrament meeting yesterday, and followed it up by blessing the sacrament. He was super nervous, but you all shouldve seen the smile on his face afterwards, and my grin as well. He is so happy but is having problems with his family because they arent really supporting him right now. Pray for his family so that his brothers can soften their hearts.

We found a nice young lady that has now come to church 2 times. She wants to get baptized, but her family is completely against, to the point where her grandpa hits her. She is 19 and realizes she can make her own decisions, but it isnt easy with the grandpa. We are going to have the sister missionaries teach her, and hopefully that can help. Pray for cindy.

Sorry I dont have the worlds most spiritual experiences to write every Pday, but all my experiences arent the easiest to explain, and take a lot of time to write. Just know that my testimony is growing everyday, and we are working hard to find new people to teach. Many of our investigators attend church, but the world and their fears arent allowing them to take the step of baptism....
Nephi profetized of what I am going through right now in 1 Nephi 14:12. We are FEW, but we cover the earth. Not many will choose to accept the truth due to the wicked traditions of their fathers. Central American isnt what it was like 30 years ago... but the chosen are out there, and we are bringing to pass the gathering of Israel.

Love you all and pray for Daniel, Cindy, and Eswin... my prayers cant do it all, although I which I could have the faith I need. Also pray for President Stay... He is going to decide the transfers this week, and he need the support for his revelation.

Love you all and happy to hear you are all good.

Elder Nathan Russell Walton

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