Monday, March 3, 2014


Alright to start off i think i am the king of getting sick. I ended up getting an ear infection this week, luckily we are super tight with this evangelic family that owns a farmacy and they hooked me up with drugs. (Probably the most ghetto sentence ive written).

This week my testimony of the Book of Mormon and all the profecies of the profets has been strengthened. We ended up getting into quite the conversation with some americans from Missuri who are Menonites? Anyways, the man who was just trying to bag on the church kept talking about how perfect the Bible is. We didnt argue with them, i just kept bearing my testimony and answering the questions the had. These "missionaries" went to Navoo to testify against the church. He told me how we have Satanic signs on the temple and i explained how the sun, moon, and stars refer to 1 corithians, and i had to explain that without completly ripping his face off. *exaegeration.
Well the profecy of Nephi in 2 nephi 29 was completly proven, and i wish i had the guts to read 2 Nefi 29:7 to them. Anyways at least i could clear their doubts somewhat.

We found some cool new families this week, and one is from San Juan Cotzal and the kids dont speak spanish. So lets just say i am slowly learning how to speak Ixil-Cotzal. Some tribul tongue.

Ricardo wasnt baptized this weekend because he cant get the paper of his wifes ID or something like that. KEEP PRAYING!:)

The funny story of this week is that we brought a 17 yr old to church with us yesterday for the first time and he seemed cool. We introduced him to a couple members, and he sat with them. We sat 2 rows away in front and turns out he bounced during the passing of the sacrament, and we havent seen him since..... haha. I never have laughed/been so disappointed at once like that before. Anyways, i guess the moral is.. if someone doesnt want to accept the gospel, they wont.

Something that studied this week and that you all should read is Helaman 6:17. What are we focused on? What do we love? Are we being obedient?
I have been trying super hard on changing my view on the future, and trying to completely devote myself to The Lord. It isnt easy, but i am changing for the better.

MOM - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Your gift is homework. Can you send me my family tree of like 4 generations? Love you so much!:)
SIERRA - Solid shout out girl. HAPPY BIRTHDAY as well to you:)

Love you all and I am praying for you all and your spiritual progression. You are all examples to me.

Love, Elder Nathan Russell Walton

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