Monday, March 3, 2014

Just in the Groooove.

Time is just coasting and we are so busy. I am a little sick and dont have the energy to write everything from this week, so it is going to be a quick email. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the cruise Mom and Dad and that you were safe. I hope you got to see a little of the Central American culture but i doubt it... haha.

We are working hard and have a couple of people working towards baptism. We have been visiting a guy named Daniel. He is dating a member, and he is super chill. He wants to take his time with the whole process though which is kind of frustrating. Working towards March 22nd and helping him answer his doubts and questions. Lately the way Satan has been attacking our investigators is through their families. A lot are scared to accept baptismal dates because their "family is catholic" or "family is confused". The communication is super important. Please pray for Daniel and that his family can soften their hearts.

We are still working with Ricardo, and the wedding/baptism should be this next saturady on the 1st. I have faith. DO YOU?

As missionaries if we dont have faith, we might as well just go home. NO ONE is going to progress in the gospel if you dont have confidence in them or yourself. I have been working super hard on growing my faith, because having started my mission in a harder area, Monjas sorta got its 1,2 on me. BUT, i am working harder, and learning how to be diligent.

We did a bunch of splits this week, and i stayed in my area both times. I had the opportunity to show other younger missionaries how to be diligent. IN our mission it is required to contact 35 people everything. In my area it is not an easy dat to accomplish because we cant knock doors, and not many people are in the road. Contacting is not very efficient. BUT, we got to be diligent if we want to receive blessing from The Lord, right? If we complete with our less efficient goals, the rest seems to fall into place nicely.

I am loving the area. The members are great and if we ask for support, they support us. Some of them arent the best to take to lessons because they talk too much, or they dont understand the importance of things we do, but they are all so kind. Eswin is doing so great and loves the ward. He goes to Institute everyweek, and yesterday we got to church and he was standing in the doors of the Sacrament room welcoming everyone the came into the door. So he has lots of friends, and the shy-bubble he had when we met him is gone.

Thanks for all your prayers, I hope to make you a little more proud family. Pray for my area, and I am praying for you all back home. I would appreciate it if you start sending me scriptures and quotes again like you did when i started 8 1/2 months ago! Please?:)

Love you all,
Elder nathan russell walton

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