Monday, March 10, 2014

They Say the Good Die Young...

Well Ricardo was planning on getting married and baptized but his mother went to the hospital on tuesday and passed away saturday night. SOOO keep him and his family in your prayers and hopefully this doesnt affect his decision that he is carefully and slowly taking to be baptized!

We started off the week on Pday last week going to one of the most dangerous Black Markets in guatemala because my comp wanted to buy a new backpack. It was pretty cool if you ask me:)

One cool story from this week is we went and visited our convert Eswin and taught his brothers and mother with him. One thing that he said that really impacted me was how he explained to his mother that if she was him, and was telling him to go to church, that she would be disappointed and sad when he said no. He put his family in HIS shoes and it was amazing. I cant imagine putting myself in Eswins shoes or even more intense, in The Lords shoes. We are gradually working with his brothers who are 21 and 24 and his mother. Pray for his family please!

We also taught a guy named Marlo for the second time. We brought an exmissionary with us who just got back 2 weeks ago and freak, he knows how to teach so well. this man Marlo was the FIRST person in my mission that was completely honest with his thoughts. He explained how he doubts the BoM and Jose Smith, and how he doesnt really have the desire to study it. BUT, he accepted the BoM and recognizes the Spirit. Most people just give us rubbish with their answers and are honest. It brought to my mind 2 Nephi 31:10. Most people dont completely understand this scripture for the way it is written in english. But in spanish it is much clearer. the question that nephi asks is "Are we able to follow Jesus Christ, if we arent willing to keep the commandments?" The answer is no. You have to be willing to follow ALL the commandments, completely. Study it. It is an amazing scripture.

Thank you for all the prayers and love. i miss you all and cant believe i am completely 9 months this week. Where has the time gone?? Love you and stay safe!

Elder nathan russell walton

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