Monday, April 28, 2014


I dont know if two bowls of wheaties, and a piece of grandma sycamores
bread with nutella gives you super-powers, but i highly doubt it.

That was the advice from my good friend Elder tauillilli this morning.
I called him to tell him how i was doing, and see how he was, when i
sorta complained about my comp, area, and situation. I explained that
i am working as hard as i can, but people arent doing their half of
the part, and i cant see the results.
He then asked for the magical recipe to get the super power to be able
to convice people to accept the gospel.
Power to preach, not to force.

He made a big impression on my this morning.
It doesnt matter what the results are, The Lord just wants the effort.

My ward is dying on me.... and so i have been super frustratin and it
isnt easy putting people back into order. But i came up with a plan
this week, small revelation. We are going to put a map up in the
church and have the members put a sticker on their house. Then we are
going to put an arc around the map. The book of mormon is the keystone
to our religion right? The arc is going to be of the mission work, and
the members are the keystone. We need to get the members involved
becuase they are so casual and comfortable with life.


Please everyone look and King Benjamin as an example. Mosiah 2 : 14-17.
He was the king and the profet, BUT he didnt point fingers and make
those below his authority do everything.

Lots of fingers have been pointing at us, the missionaries.
You should never point fingers unless it is pointing back at yourself.

I have learned so much, i am super stressed, but i am also happy:)

Pray for my ward, and us as companions.

Love Elder Nathan Russell Walton
Elder Walton says, "Some things never change." 
Which is in this case his cool Nike socks

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Valiant

 remember a few years back when I was dissappointed teenager with so much confusion. I sat on a cool dry grass on a nice summer afternoon. The sun was gradually hitting sunset, and I watched as all my teammates practiced as hard as they could. I was 14 and the so-called captain of this team, and yet i couldnt practice. I had pulled a hip-flexer and could hardly walk. I reflected as I watched my teammates on how much we take things for granted. Health is definitely something we dont always appreciate, until we get sick, injured, or infected.

In the Grand Council before we came to this earth we saw our Heaven Father´s glorified and perfect body. We wanted the same. He explained to us that we must past the HARDEST test in order to receive that which he has. We accepted the test to be locked and subject to a mortal body and to be exposed to illnesses, pain, and just plain hurt. WE did not get to choose our bodies, and God decides how well it functions for us. Some are willing to do all that they can mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, for The Lord, yet phisically they cant.

I got sick this week and I always catch myselft repenting because i dont thank our God enough for the good health he has given me.
I reflected back on my first convert Hermano Salvador. He only had one leg, walked on crutches, and freak, Satan got him down, A LOT. He always was looking to truly understand what The Lord wanted of him. I remember we shared Alma 40:23 with him, and he couldnt get rid of the tears.
The valiant will one day be able to receive the reward promised in this scripture.

This week we gave a blessing to a little girl in the ward who was SUPER sick and was having problems with her breathing. After the blessing she went and layed down, and quicly fell asleep. We continued chatting with the parents, and about within 5 minutes the little girl started choking for air. We just sat and stared and i literally thought she was just going to pass away before our eyes. I prayed SO hard in my heart that she would live, and at last her throat cleared up, and she could sleep calmly. The power of the priesthood is real.

I reflected tso much this week on the Plan of Salvation and i received more knowledge about our physical state here in earth. I received lots of revelation and and clearing of understanding.

Shoutout to those in the wheelchair.
Shoutout to those struggling with cancer.
Shoutout to those who cant see this world, nor hear it.
Shoutout to those who can say what they arent allergic to easier than saying what they are.
Shoutout to those who can shake off the depression.

I wish i could write all that i want to, concerning that which i have learned this week, but i cant.

The Lord loves us, and loves each one of you.

Shoutout to the valiant and faithful.

Love, Elder Nathan Russell Walton
View from Elder Walton's Apartment

Monday, April 14, 2014

10 months, and starting the HOLY WEEK

So life is going great... the work is hard, but we are making a lot of plans with the ward. I basically ripped a new one on the ward counsel and made them think... and it turned out well:)

We have been doing a lot of service, i am a sick painter;) So lately i have been thinking about establishing a Paint company when i get back.. just kidding, but hey.

We had an awesome experience this week. We left with a member to go visit a guy we contacted in the street. The appointment fell thru, and I felt the impression to go visit a less active that i didnt even know. Elder Morillo pointed to his house once and said that a less active lived there, as well the bishop told us to go visit him last week.
Anyways we went and knocked his door. He let us in, and completely opened up. He is 29 and is in charge of a traveling rock band. He is super cool and got along really well with my companion Elder Aroche.
I felt the impression to read my favorite scripture Ether 12:27, and the less active "Richard" (I am going to stop using real names) loved the scripture. He by himself read on and like 12:28 even more. It was like the icing on the cake. Anyways he said that was what he needed to hear for a long time, and Richard promised that he would go to church.

Not only did Richard go, he showed up in a sly suit with white shirt and tie. And he particpated more that I did in Elders quorum.
MIRACLE? I would say yes.

We are tryiing to work more with the less actives. Not meaning to say the pure less actives, rather the members that show up 2 or 3 times a month, and dont socialize. I now have 5 new families in the ward to visit and work with, which is awesome:)

We are now starting the HOLY WEEK or in other words LA SEMANA SANTA. It is the week long catholic celebration of the birth and ressurection of Christ. For the other religions and/or the country of Guatemala, it is spring break, and EVERYONE leaves town and goes to the beaches, and tourist sites. It is also known as HECK WEEK because we are in the hottest time of the year, and no one to visit becuase they all leave... wish us luck:)

Love you all so much. Read Helaman 12:26. And thus it is.

Elder Nathan Russell Walton

Monday, April 7, 2014

Conference Weekend

Conference was so amazing. Sorry family that you didnt get to watch it all.... go repent.
My new comp is Elder Aroche, and he is here from Guatemala. My first comp that is ChapĂ­n! haha. We are slowly getting to know each other, and understanding each others personalites. Lets just say being the senior comp of someone who has more time than you isnt easy... and it is a little awkward. 

Anyways i am going to dedicate my letter to the talk of Elder Holland.
I would like to openly add witness and support to the opening talk of conference by elder Holland. I havnt had mashed potatoes thrown at me, yet, but experiences like it. Ive had my faith tested. The world is so lost and Satan attacks us. Ive been spit upon, cursed at, and pointed at blantently. Peole try to charge me more jsut because im white. Ive had people open doors and stragiht up laugh at me as if i was in the doorway of the great and spacious building. People lie to me everyday, almost hourly. Ive beened rained upon, squirt gunned, and seen the pamphlets that ive handed out, floating in the road and down the drain. Ive been called liar, wizard, devil follower, and pure naive. My religion has been mocked, as well as my Saviour. My family has been verbally discriminated agianst, and made fun of. My companions have been claimed to be uncle sams, gringo lovers, and mistaken to be gringos. Our prophets have been called phonies, fakes, and failures. Scriture of God has been verbally ripped on in from of my face.
Ive also seen The Lords hand, and miracles that i cannot share nor describe.

Please take into account that last line. Youmust know I defnd my faith everday. If you stand with me, I defend your faith everday too. I defend OUR faith everyday. I hope you defnd it too.
"Defend your faith with courtesy and compassion, BUT, DEFEND IT." Elder Holland.

The world is dark, we must stand bright. I share this so you know missionaries dont only preach, but we defend. Ive been so blessed. I dont write this to scare my mom, rather i write it to share my testimony and thoughts on conference and the talk of Elder Holland.

I love you all, and stay safe. Follow the Prophets counsel, it is perfect.

Elder Nathan Russell Walton
Elder Walton and his previous companion Elder Morillo