Monday, April 14, 2014

10 months, and starting the HOLY WEEK

So life is going great... the work is hard, but we are making a lot of plans with the ward. I basically ripped a new one on the ward counsel and made them think... and it turned out well:)

We have been doing a lot of service, i am a sick painter;) So lately i have been thinking about establishing a Paint company when i get back.. just kidding, but hey.

We had an awesome experience this week. We left with a member to go visit a guy we contacted in the street. The appointment fell thru, and I felt the impression to go visit a less active that i didnt even know. Elder Morillo pointed to his house once and said that a less active lived there, as well the bishop told us to go visit him last week.
Anyways we went and knocked his door. He let us in, and completely opened up. He is 29 and is in charge of a traveling rock band. He is super cool and got along really well with my companion Elder Aroche.
I felt the impression to read my favorite scripture Ether 12:27, and the less active "Richard" (I am going to stop using real names) loved the scripture. He by himself read on and like 12:28 even more. It was like the icing on the cake. Anyways he said that was what he needed to hear for a long time, and Richard promised that he would go to church.

Not only did Richard go, he showed up in a sly suit with white shirt and tie. And he particpated more that I did in Elders quorum.
MIRACLE? I would say yes.

We are tryiing to work more with the less actives. Not meaning to say the pure less actives, rather the members that show up 2 or 3 times a month, and dont socialize. I now have 5 new families in the ward to visit and work with, which is awesome:)

We are now starting the HOLY WEEK or in other words LA SEMANA SANTA. It is the week long catholic celebration of the birth and ressurection of Christ. For the other religions and/or the country of Guatemala, it is spring break, and EVERYONE leaves town and goes to the beaches, and tourist sites. It is also known as HECK WEEK because we are in the hottest time of the year, and no one to visit becuase they all leave... wish us luck:)

Love you all so much. Read Helaman 12:26. And thus it is.

Elder Nathan Russell Walton

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