Monday, April 7, 2014

Conference Weekend

Conference was so amazing. Sorry family that you didnt get to watch it all.... go repent.
My new comp is Elder Aroche, and he is here from Guatemala. My first comp that is ChapĂ­n! haha. We are slowly getting to know each other, and understanding each others personalites. Lets just say being the senior comp of someone who has more time than you isnt easy... and it is a little awkward. 

Anyways i am going to dedicate my letter to the talk of Elder Holland.
I would like to openly add witness and support to the opening talk of conference by elder Holland. I havnt had mashed potatoes thrown at me, yet, but experiences like it. Ive had my faith tested. The world is so lost and Satan attacks us. Ive been spit upon, cursed at, and pointed at blantently. Peole try to charge me more jsut because im white. Ive had people open doors and stragiht up laugh at me as if i was in the doorway of the great and spacious building. People lie to me everyday, almost hourly. Ive beened rained upon, squirt gunned, and seen the pamphlets that ive handed out, floating in the road and down the drain. Ive been called liar, wizard, devil follower, and pure naive. My religion has been mocked, as well as my Saviour. My family has been verbally discriminated agianst, and made fun of. My companions have been claimed to be uncle sams, gringo lovers, and mistaken to be gringos. Our prophets have been called phonies, fakes, and failures. Scriture of God has been verbally ripped on in from of my face.
Ive also seen The Lords hand, and miracles that i cannot share nor describe.

Please take into account that last line. Youmust know I defnd my faith everday. If you stand with me, I defend your faith everday too. I defend OUR faith everyday. I hope you defnd it too.
"Defend your faith with courtesy and compassion, BUT, DEFEND IT." Elder Holland.

The world is dark, we must stand bright. I share this so you know missionaries dont only preach, but we defend. Ive been so blessed. I dont write this to scare my mom, rather i write it to share my testimony and thoughts on conference and the talk of Elder Holland.

I love you all, and stay safe. Follow the Prophets counsel, it is perfect.

Elder Nathan Russell Walton
Elder Walton and his previous companion Elder Morillo

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