Monday, May 5, 2014

5 de mayo is not GUATEMALAN

No today isnt a holiday... but it is pday, so therefore it a
missionary holiday;)

This week went pretty well. The mission had their interviews with
Presdent Stay, and we had our on Wednesday. We actually were the last
zone, and last district, and my comp ended up being Presidents Stay
very last interview... EVER. He is off at the end of june and these
next 7 weeks are just conferences, so he finished his interviews, and
WOW, he gave me so much advice.

He gave all of us missionaries the oppotunity to ask whatever question
wed like, and i asked a complicated question about repentance and
His answer was amazing, and my understanding of the atonement has
completely changed, and I feel like a new missionary now.

He gave me 6 scriptures and taught me the repentence process. My
favorite part about the conversation is when he had me read D&C 58:42.
AFTER one has sincerely repented, The Lord forgives, and CHOOSES to
not remember. President explained to me that God knows everything, he
is PERFECT, but due to what The Lord did for US, at the final day when
we stand before our God, he will choose not to remember the sins that
we had repented for.
I always sort of have worried about past sins and i thought "dang...
that is going to be so awkward when The Lord brings up that sin..." I
guess I never understood well that he chooses to not remember our
sins, he doesnt forget, but it is as if it never happened.

Maybe i was really naive and never understood completely that which i
preach everyday, but hey, missionaries arent perfect, and we all have
to learn.

The Ward is doing better and we have been working hard to plan
activities... and I am getting along better with my companion. I think
the interviews helped us both A LOT!

Love you all and keep praying for our investigators and less actives.
We have been working a lot with the less actives and it is so good to
see them show up on sundays:)

Love you all, go and repent, and sin no more!:)

Love elder nathan russell walton

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