Saturday, May 24, 2014

Curves Balls Thrown on the Daily

So basically the office is insane. I have never been so busy in the
mission, but I am enjoying it and it have so fun.

So Ill just get a little brief summary of what is some of the stuff I
gotta do, and the good news.
Monday - Friday we are in the office from 10 am - 4 pm. We are in
charge of everything in the mission that doesnt have to do with money,
because those are the things of the financial secretaries. We are in
charge of the mail, sending convert information to SLC, all the dats
are reported numbers in the mission, the cell phones, references,
immigration stuff, receiving new missionaries and sending missionaries
home, and basically all that jazz. It is super crazy because we
usually plan out our day and things are calm in the morning, but I
swear a single day doesnt pass without Pres Stay or the Assistants
calling us to ask for a side-project. CRAZY!

I am loving the office and The Lord has taught me show much already.
After 4 pm we head to our area which is close by, and we only have a
couple hours to do all that needs to be done. I definitely have gotten
a lot better at planning my days, and making sure that the most
important things get done.

We are four missionaries in the office. My companion Elder Mendez and
I are the Executive Secs, and Elder Gil (mexico) and Elder Monson
(Bingham HighS) are the financial secs.

Our area is awesome and we have found some cool investigators, and a
few are working their way towards baptism. We are teaching a small
family and they are so amazing and humble, but a huge problem is the
language barrier, and it isnt my spanish, it is theirs. They are from
Coban and speak Kekchi. It has been hard these couple weeks teaching
them, but they go to church with us and love learning. After some
prayer and thinking, we realized that a sister in the ward speaks
Kekchi, and so her and her husband have allowed us to bring the
investigators to their house, and she translates for us and helps us
teach. The Spirit is always TOOOO strong I cant describe. Please pray
for them, they are wanting to get baptized on the 7th of June.

So the mission is a lot different, but I am learning so much and
adapting. I know that The Lord wants me to be here.

PS. I hope this letter makes sense.... sorry but I am super tired.
Like I said it is our responsability to take missionaries to the
airport and we have to make sure they get their bags checked, their
ticked ready, and that they get to the gate of their flight. Two
missionaries went hope this morning due to health reasons. One of them
is from my group, Elder Fraughton, and we entered the mission
together. He slept over with us last night, and then we took him and
the sister to the airport. We were supposed to wake up at 330 to get
to the airport at 4 but ended up just talking all night and I didnt
get to sleep until 515.... haha. Welcome to the office life. :)
It was super sad to see this Elder go home, but he has been super sick
almost the whole mission, and it is better that he goes home and
recovers. He was such an amazing missionary, and our conversation last
night was unreal. We were able to talk about all our amazing
experiences are really how much we changed due to The Lords help. So,
ladies Elder Fraughton is on the market, and he is toooo fresh.
Promise:) S/O Elder Fraughton.
"They say the best die young."

Love you all,
Elder Nathan Russell Walton

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