Saturday, July 19, 2014

One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

One time Courtney sent me a quote that said something like "Little progress is better than no progress"

We had an interesting week! I feel like we weren't able to do much because we have been helping the new mission President so much, but it is all worth it. Sometimes success and blessings come in different ways than a missionary would expect.

For those of you who actually read my weekly messages, yes, Susan got baptized, and it was amazing. She was so happy and it was a true miracle. Ill attach a photo.
Well Sunday morning we woke up and started inviting everyone to church bright and early; Susan´s cousin, Ronald (recent convert) woke up sick, and he was the person who was going to baptize her. So we kind of scrambled and she ended up asking me to do it. Normally members always baptize, because that way the converts have a great spiritual experience with someone who is always there. Us, the missionaries, don't stay around for forever, therefore we don't usually baptize.
Both of Susans parents went to church with us to support here which was awesome! Her only support before was just her cousin Ronald.
Well when we showed up to church President Caffaro was there in the parking lot getting out of his car. Since it was there first Sunday we invited them to our church because it is the closet chapel to their house, and they dont know how to get around yet. Well it was to their surprise that other secretaries and us had baptisms set up for after the meetings. It was awesome to have them present and we got a great picture with the new mission president and his wife!:)

Besides the baptism on Sunday we were super busy in the office... and we suffered a little in the area.

I had one amazing experience I would like to share though. On Thursday when we got to the area we had no appointments planned, so we didnt have anything to do. When this happens it usually means we end up contacting a bunch in the street and looking for people to visit, which isnt very effective.
I had an idea to go visit a family that lives farther away in an area called La Forestal and try to get a reference from them. I thought it was an impression to go all the way out there, so I was willingly to do it. We showed up, and..... they werent home. Bummer right? So we were stuck out in La Forestal where all the people are super wicked and worldly... you know.. drunks, bad language, prosititutes, drugs... and it isnt just a few people, it is like everyone! That is why hardly any members live there.
Well we just kind of walked around not knowing what to do... after 10 minutes we decided we were just going to head back to the main area. I was looking around and all of the sudden I saw a family outside their house and I knew I had to contact them, but I saw them late and we had already passed by. I then got the idea to turn around and stop by to say hi to the only active family in La Forestal, with the idea that afterwards I would contact the family I saw, that way I wouldnt awkwardly approach them. When we passed by again on our way to the members I got the same feeling.... so I was determined. We then said hi to the members and chatted a little, asked them if they needed anything from us, then we were on our way again.
Well it was already getting late so I completely spaced and forgot to contact the family when we passed by! SATAN was trying so hard to distract me!
I sort of just blew it off and we kept walking be cause we had passed by their house 3 times and every time I awkwardly look at them and I felt like a creeper.. haha.
We started getting farther and farther away from that family and I was at the point to just keep walking. Finally I told me comp, Hey, we gotta go back.
When we were approaching the family outside their house most of them we casually headed back in the door (perfect timing, right?). As they headed in an older man walked out. I went straight up to him and said, "Hey! How are you? We are just stopping by to say.... wait, are you a member?!"
The older man wasnt wearing a shirt and was just walking around with a garment top! HAHA.
Turns out he is an inactive member from a different ward that had recently moved in with his sister and her family... we got to know him, taught him about the atonement, and invited him to church. he definitely needed the visit.
I know and testify that the spirit of The Lord guided me to his house... although I was being stubborn, The Spirit consistently spoke to me, luckily I obeyed, and it was a true blessing.
I know The Lord watches over us, and sometimes miracles come when we least expect it.

I love you all, I am learning so much. I am exhausted and tired, but the office is great and The Lord is truly blessing us. I know Him, better than before. He is my brother.

Elder Nathan Russell Walton
Elder Walton almost walked out the door without his tie. He's only been doing this 13 months though so we'll cut him some slack.

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