Saturday, July 5, 2014

Where Does the Time Go?

First of all shout out to Elder Chase Walton, not only are we both in Guatemala, but we are also both secretaries. At least Im not in charge of money.. :)

So I swear the time is going by soooo fast. The office is super busy and we are always working hard so that we can finish all in time and head back to the area. My companion is super cool, and helps me a lot with the stress. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed and he just looks at me and laughs and tells me to lighten up. He is a great help, and is willing to do whatever I tell him to do.

So as for this week, the work is going well. We are busy looking for new people to teach still!

We had a cool experience yesterday. In our area, 70% of the members live in an area called Reyna Barrios, so we do most of the work there. The problem is that we ran out of people to teach, and the members don't have any references, so my companion and I decided that we are going to work in a different part of our area called La Plaza de Toros. It is a little far away, and only two members live there but there are a ton of people. It is also where a futsal court is, and EVERYONE goes to play soccer there, EVERYDAY. My convert Allan who was baptized a few weeks ago loves soccer, and so everyone in La Plaza knows him. We decided that we were going to go there with him, and get some references.
When we got back from the office yesterday that was the plan, but the problem was the Allan wasnt home. My comp and I didnt know what to do... so we decided we were just going to go to La Plaza to contact by ourselves, even though it didnt sound efficient. We ended up finding Allan there, and we taught a lesson to two of his friends in the bleachers and they both said that theyd go to church tomorrow.
It was definitely a miracle, and a cool experience.
Mission work is so easy if members do their part.
Every Member a Missionary, right?

Well I love you all, thank you for your prayers, and I am so happy. The mission is great and I am learning SOOO much. Go magnify your callings in the church, and I hope you can strengthen your testimonies as I am strengthening mine.

Love, Elder Nathan Russell Walton
We played futsal with a bunch of teenagers in the ward today.
Everyone started calling me German, because they dont believe that a "gringo" could play that well.

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