Saturday, August 23, 2014

Rippin a Piece of my Heart Out

Yes, that subject of the email is super sad.... but it is true.
Elder White went home this week............ and I had to take him to the airport.
To add salt to the wound, Sister Sanchez went home, she was in Monjas with us, and I took her to the airport as well.
Well you know what they say, "Sucks to suck".

Just kidding that was the saddest paragraph I have written in a long time, haha it was good to see them go home happy! They were both amazing missionaries and Elder White is my brother. I guess I can call him Nick now... haha hey family, just a reminder, go to his homecoming tomorrow please! I will tell him to call you today though.

Well this week has gone very well. We have found some new people to teach, which is nice. I basically stop teaching people after the second lesson if they dont like the idea of baptism or if they wont go to church, so we have been without good investigators for awhile now, BUT the Lord always blesses us with great experiences.

This week I decided I was going to contact differently, and I talked to everyone about authority. On Thursday we did divisions so my ZL Elder Villarreal came to my area and I told him that we were only going to talk to people about authority and priesthood. In the little time we had to contact before we went to our appointments, we set up 8 appointments for this weekend... and we only contacted for about 25 minutes, and we were knocking doors.

When we talk about the restoration, the chosen understand and they get curious.

This week we talked about the Great Apostasy a lot and I love teaching that part of the restoration.
The Jews and fariseos rejected and killed the Son of God. His authority was lost when the apostles as well were rejected and killed. Why would God keep his church here on earth established if the people didn't accept it?
The world entered into an estate of spiritual darkness, but God loves us, so he waited, and then called on a young boy to be a prophet. Joseph Smith was a prophet, and when the people here say the worst things they can think about concerning the church, there is nothing I love better than testifying in the street. Usually they don't have a response afterwards.

This week we had an awesome experience with the sister of a recent convert. She has a two little daughters, and she sells fruits and vegetables so we always see her when we pass by in the street. Almost once or twice a week I ask her to let us share a message with her family, but she always says the same thing, "No, my husband wont let us, and I am not very interested anyways".
This week Elder Villarreal (ZL) and I got talking with her and she explained how she likes the idea of our church, but that she is catholic. I reminded her how through the true gospel, families can be together forever. She commented how she likes the idea, but she doesn't believe it because in her church she has learned that after we die, we forget everything, and that we wont even recognize our family.
This is where in gets good. Elder Villarreal started telling her that that is the saddest belief ever. How could a Loving God do something like that to us? Why would he put us here on earth to suffer, love, care for others, and then have it end when we die? God has a plan. We talked about how sad it would be if she couldnt see her daughters again, how here on earth we must repent otherwise we will not be able to enter into God´s presence. He is merciful though, and He loves us. We talked about sin, the atonement, repentance, families, the final judgement, and many other critical things; the plan of salvation is true and she felt it. After we talked with her 10 minutes about the subject she turned to me and said "I can feel what you say is true, your words convince me." I then told her, "We dont want our words to convince you, that is God´s job, pray to Him, ask Him, He will answer you."
She then was speechless, looked at us and said "I cant learn more, because my husband wont allow it."

I know that we are helping this family, we will help this family. I could honestly care less if I dont baptize a single person again on my mission, if i can continue helping others for the next 10 months, that is fine with me.

Love you all, I wish I could write this better in english... I struggle.
Have an amazing week!

Love elder nathan russell walton
Elder Walton and Elder White One Last Time on the Mission

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