Saturday, August 30, 2014

Work For It

Well honestly I am sitting here at my desk, thinking of what to write, and ALL week is just mushed into my head and I cant remember much of what we have done... but I will do my best to give you summary of the week:)

Last Saturday after I wrote we headed to a mexican restaurant to celebrate one of the AP´s birthdays (Elder Webb). It was decent and we got a nice feel for mexico (glad I am serving in Guatemala though). We all woke up Monday morning with diarrhea so we probably wont be going back to eat there any time soon.

Sunday started off rough, but we finished well. We went to a couple appointments in the afternoon that we had set up with some contacts earlier in the week. One lady completely rejected me at the door and said, "I am thankful that you guys are here sharing a message, but.... we´re catholics."
Now this is a common saying here, so I politely told her, "Well the message we share is for everyone, and it isn't something that you have heard before. Can we share it with you and your family?" I was just smiling when i responded...
She went to go talk with her husband and then invited us in. This family is SO awesome. We taught the restoration and they had some many questions and loved the thought of a prophet restoring the church. They really need the support and have the desire to learn more. Sadly though.. he works until 5ish and that is when she heads off to the university to study at night time, so they are never home together, and with our tight schedule as secretaries, we didnt know what to do. She then said, "Well if we pick a day, I could just not to go to class because I want to hear more of you message."

This lady named Elisa went from trying to reject us and scaring us away, to be willing to ditch class for a day just to learn more from us. THEY felt the spirit and recognized it. Please pray for this family:)

Wednesday and Thursday this week we had Elder Duncan (Area President) in town. Wednesday was a conference with half the mission, and Thursday with the other half. We had a lot to do and prepare for, but everything turned out great!

Wednesday was super crazy because we had to wake up at 330 to take a missionary to the airport, then at 6 we headed to the office with the other secretaries and the assistants to pick up packages and 72 hour kits that we had to hand out during the conference.
I was super tired most of the meeting but I learned a lot from Elder Duncan.
We talked about faith, obedience, and the importance of setting goals and then reaching them.
Something that he said that I really liked was "Are you satisfied with the miracles you've seen in your mission, or do you want more?"

We cant just do the same thing over and over and expect different results. We must change, and keep working to see miracles and help others.

We are working hard here in the area, and slowly seeing results and blessings.
When I first got to the office our area was doing great and we had a bunch of progressing investigators.
Once it got closer to the arrival of President Caffaro I think that my former companion and I were so focused on the office, we sorta relaxed in the area. Now that things are back to normal and Pte Caffaro has taken control of things, we are trying to bounce back in our area.
Slowly but surely we are finding new people to teach, helping the recent converts, and reactiving less-actives.

I learned a lot this week, and I am super happy. Please pray for our area.

I love you all, have an amazing week.

elder nathan russell walton

At the Mexican Restaurant with their serious faces

Sports this Morning 

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