Saturday, August 9, 2014

You Don't Need A Shirt and Tie

Hey eeeerbody.

So this letter may be shorter than normal because I honestly cant remember for the life of me what I did this week... Lets just say we have been super busy.

Sunday was Susan´s confirmation and it was awesome. She was so happy and truly has a desire to do good and share the gospel. Last Wednesday we were walking in the street and she saw us from a distance. She was with a group friends and she yelled "Hey Elders! Come here I want you to meet my friends!" Obviously we went over and when we got close to the group she pulled her friend to the side and said "She is going to church with me on Sunday! Do you guys want to visit her, I have been talking about the church and baptism a lot with her."

Thursday we did splits with the District Leader and I went to his area with him, and my companion stayed here with a new missionary. They ended up teaching Susan and her friend and my companion told me the next day how Susan taught her friend how to pray and was explaining the restoration to her after they watched the 20 minute video.

This may not sound like much of a miracle or blessing, but it is. Usually we have to beg members to give us references and convince them to go visit with us. Susan on the other hand, has truly made a covenant with the Lord, she has felt the spirit, and now desires that her friends do the same.

Continuing... this week has gone well! I have learned lots and we continue to see blessings here in our area, and even more so here in the office. I am super worn out with the office... this change has been super stressful with the change of Presidents and companions, but The Lord has blessed us immensely.
Mom you said how Dad is getting cagey because it is so hot outside, imagine me in the office!
The good thing is that we are always busy, but I hope that The Lord doesn't want me here too much longer... I just don't want to be here as long as Elder Gil (Finance Secretary) 9 months, or Elder Grant Rowberry, 9 months. HAHA! (PS this isn't a complaint :) )

Thank you for all your prayers, have a great time on your trip to Ohio family! SUPER JEALOUS!

Love, Elder Nathan Russell Walton

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