Sunday, September 7, 2014

September Already...?

Well I am still in shock that September has already started. This month a year ago is when Elder White got to Monjas... good times.

Well this week has gone well! I feel like time is moving faster than I am and it makes me a little sad. I guess I just gotta enjoy all that I can right now, because I see the days, weeks and months going by a little too quickly.

Last Sunday we found a guy named Juan Solis just knocking doors. He let us in and invited us to share a message to him. He is very receptive and willing to learn. It is so different teaching him though because he doesnt have much of a Christian knowledge, and so we get to teach him super basic doctrine like who Jesus Christ is, what He did on the earth, and how we can speak with Him through prayer.
We taught him again on Monday. We watched the video called Finding Faith in Jesus Christ and he enjoyed the video. We then explained the importance of following Christs example and he accepted a baptismal date! Not until October though, and I probably wont be here when he is baptized, but I am grateful to be able to be teaching him! Please pray for him... he is 17 and lives by himself.

This week was pretty normal, we are finding some new people to teach, but almost everyone refuses to accept our invitation to church.. the area is right next to the airport and so 70% of the people either work there, or in car rentals, or in the small hotels close by, and they all work sunday shifts.. but we know that God is preparing people to listen to and receive us and the message we bring, we just got to keep looking harder.

On Thursday we had the opportunity to do companionship study with President Caffaro. We talked a lot about how we can help our investigators and recent converts understand what covenants are, and how we keep them.
In Preach My Gospel it says... Covenants place us under a strong obligation to honor our commitments to God. We should desire to receive worthily the covenants that God offers us and then strive to keep them. Our covenants remind us to repent every day of our lives. By keeping the commandments and serving others we receive and retain a remission of our sins.

If we accept the invitation to make covenants with God, we accept and therefore obligated to honor our commitments to Him... we must keep our promises.

Well all is going well here in Guatemala. I can honestly say this is my Home. I love this country so much, and I am going to feel so awkward and out-of-place when I get back. I feel this culture running through my veins nowadays.

Well I guess I will share a funny story with you guys! So on Wednesday we left the office and we headed home when it started POURING rain... like watch out Noah, here comes the flood type of rain. We got SOAKED. So when the bus finally passed and took us home we got to the house, dried off, changed, and headed out to work. I was super frustrated obviously because I wasnt expecting the random flash-flood... and the best way to make me even more frustrated is knocking doors whens its raining because no one answers. Here is where it gets funny. I knocked a door and this old lady opens up and says Elder! How are you??
She seemed super nice so I thought that it was going to go well. I had a Book of Mormon in my hand so I asked here if she had ever heard of it. Her response was super complex... "NO".;)
So I testified to her that it is the word of God, and that it was written by prophets who lived here in the Americas many years ago. I asked her if she would like to hear more of this message we share and she looked me in the eyes, and with all her heart, she asked me sincerely "Does it talk about the virgin Mary?"
Hopefully you can imagine the my facial expressions...

So hope you all have an amazing week!
This may or may not be my last week in the office and my area Montufar. I will let you know next Saturday!

Love you all, read you scriptures daily,
elder nathan russell walton

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