Monday, October 6, 2014

Have the Husks Been Removed?

So this was a great week! We had a solid first couple of days leading up to conference, and yes, just like cousin Matt says, Conference weekend is better than Christmas. We call it Pweekend here.... because we are on our butts all weekend just soaking in spiritualness.

Well on Tuesday we got hit with the biggest storm I have ever seen. Stuart and I got stuck on the side of a main road that was more than flooded. Rain was coming down hard with lightning striking close by. We just waited it out, feet getting soaked, hiding under an aluminum roof. So that was a crazy experience, but the Lord definitely protected us.

Basically this week we shared the same message with different points of view to all our investigators and to the less actives. We talked about prophets.
We made a good connection between Amos 3:7 and Mosiah 8:17.
In Amos is talks of how the Lord God revealeth his secrets to the profets, and in Mosiah that scripture is supported talking about how by them shall all things be revealed and shall secret things be made manifest.

I loved conference this weekend. Carlos was able to make it to the priesthood session and both sessions on Sunday and he loved it.

The spirit was so strong this weekend and I am planning on reading the talks when the Liahona is published down here in the next coming months.

My favorite talk was from President Uchtdorf when he focused his talk on the scripture, "Lord, is it I?"
Integrity is so important, and we must see ourselves clearly to make changes.

I love you all so much, you are all in my prayers. Have an amazing week and I hope that you can put into practice that which youve learned from conference.

Love, elder nathan russell walton

ps i dont know why I look so old in the bday picture, thank you for the package!!

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