Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Good morning everybody, again,

I feel as if Monday is every other day because the weeks seem like days... it is so ridiculous. But as time goes, we see so many blessing.

Elder Stuart and I had a great week this week! We started off the week going to a small waterfall (not too exciting) with the zone, but it was great because we found a small soccer field in the middle of no where in the mountains so we played some solid soccer and football.

So I think the miracle of this week that I would like to share happened on Tuesday. At about 2ish right after lunch we headed to go visit Carlos. It was an interesting meeting because he had a doubt about the "gift of tongues" and it was hard to explain to him because obviously he doesnt know everything yet, and he still is shaking of his weird evangelical beliefs, so I left the appointment a little frustrated, and worst part, it was pouring rain. We didnt have any appointments set up at 3 and we were just planning on contacting, so that is what we did.
I just picked and street and told Stuart that we were going to knock until we find.

Thanks to the Lord and His guideness we found and awesome family who let us in. We shared a quick message with them and we clicked instantly. We then taught them again on Friday and we challenged to be baptized, they didnt want to choose a date yet until after they had gone to church and yesterday, Sunday, just like they said they would be, they were ready to go with us in the morning when we knocked the door. So we brought a new family to church and they loved it! Please pray for Rolando and Vilma.. they are struggling economically but have a lot of faith.

On Wednesday we had a trainers and new missionaries meeting with teh Caffaros and the APs. It was great seeing the Caffaros again and I learned so much from the other trainers and we all got in a room and talked about what is, and isnt working with their companions. This week I was able to change a few things that I was doing to help Stuart, and we had so much success.

We were guided to an area which we now call JACKPOT because this week we found 3 families there and one is determined to go to church with us next Sunday. We are really seeing some progress in the area and I am so excited for these upcoming weeks!

I know this church is true and I know that the spirit has guided us this week so the door of many who need this gospel, NOW.

Love you all, Elder nathan russell walton

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