Monday, November 17, 2014

Just Go To Church

Back in the day, in the 8th grade, used to walk home eeryday in the rain.
(Not true, and this had nothing to do with my email.)

So this week went well! Last monday we played soccer at 545 and then bball in the afternoon, and we are doing the same today. It has been fun to play sports again, and there isnt much we can do on mondays so might aswell hit the pavement and break a sweat.

This week we found some more less-actives... more like inactives, but I am just trying to be courtieous. While we were knocking doors I met a lady who told me how her whole family are members, and that when they moved to the cap from Peten they went inactive a long time ago. She was about to get baptized, but then they move. They are planning to go to church with us on Sunday so hopefully we can reactive the family and help her be baptized. Nothing like finding long lost sheep.

On Friday the district came to my area to help us out in a service project. We help cut weeds down in a small park and I got lots of blisters... but it was worth it. Service is always a good thing, and although it usually goes unnoticed, it is the best way to meet people.

So we are teaching lots of people and finding more everyday, but the biggest struggle we are having is getting people to church on Sunday. Just go to church!
Victor and his wife patricia came to church again and she is a lot more receptive.. we are working hard to help them get married and her baptized.

Marleni, the single mother i mentioned a couple weeks ago, has a baptismal date for the 30th. Please pray for her so that she can attend church with us.

Yesterday Carlos Galca received the aaronic priesthood and he is so happy and faithful to the gospel. After he received it, he wheeled around in his chair and shook everyone in the rooms hand and said "Now I am apart of another family."
Although I havent had many converts in the mission, I know that the few that I have had are truly converted to the gospel. I am thankful to be here and continue to look for the chosen children of God that are truly prepared to receive and accept this restored gospel.

Love, Elder Nathan Russell Walton

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