Monday, November 3, 2014


Hey guys, good to hear that all is going well back home! I bet it is getting pretty dang cold back in good ole utah... here the weather just did a full 360; it stopped raining, and now is super windy and super cold at night. It will be like this for the next two months I imagine.

So this week went good. We are working hard and Victor`s wife, Patricia, is doing great and it super receptive.

We have had a rough last couple of days but ups and downs are so common in the mission, I cant complain. "Onward ever onward my brethern."

Last week there were some changes in the zone. We got a new Zone Leader, and there are two new missionaries here in Jerusalen with us. I guess i always forget to talk about the other missionaires. In almost every ward or branch there are two companionships. Our branch boundaries are divided in half, so they work in their half, and us in ours. We always try to do branch activities together and we help each other out. The other two are reopening the area just like Stuart and I did. One is from Honduras, and the other is from Mexico.

We are working hard here in our area, and seeing many fruits in the work.

Many are asking me how Halloween/dia de los muertos was..... no one celebrates halloween here. The first of November is when everyone heads to the cemetary to worship the dead... no joke... luckily the cemetary isnt in our area though... so we didnt see anything too crazy.

Well sorry this email is shorter than normal... it wasnt too exciting of a week. We are working hard and are finding many who are interested in hearing about the restoration.

Love you all and have an amazing week!

elder nathan russell walton

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