Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Now I am sure you are all wondering why i wrote FLORIDA. Well that is the name of my new area and zone.

On Tuesday we had our change meeting... lots of new and exciting things are going on in the mission. The mission now has 4 APs... 2 of them do what the APs have always done, and the other 2 now travel the mission doing splits with all the missionaries and really just supporting the companionships that are struggling. This is a new idea that Pte Caffaro received and they announced it at the transfer meeting.

I am here in zone Florida with my new companion, Elder Rocha from Monterrey, Mexico. My new assignment is Zone Leader, it is a lot different than trainer but both require responsability, just in different ways.
My Zone has 9 companionships of Elders, so we are 18. There are no sisters which is sort of weird... the zone has really been struggling in the last couple months so I am a little stressed..

President Caffaros advice for me after transfer meeting was... "Elder Walton, I just need you to get things rolling"

This week went really well.... I did divisiones with the two new District Leaders in my zone. It was fun to work with them, and give them advice... I honestly can say they teach me so much, I just hope I help them in return.

Our area hasnt been doing too well but Elder Rocha and I found a new family this week. Carlos committed to baptism with his wife Wendy, they just need to get married beforehand.... like always. We are working with them towards the 10th of January and yesterday Carlos went to church with us!

I really miss my old area.... but changes werent my choice, it was the Lords and we are gonna get things ROOOLLLINGGG.

Love you all!
Elder Nathan Russell Walton

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