Monday, December 8, 2014

Merry Xmas

I feel like christmas came a little early this year.
Thank you for all your prayers, Victor and Patricia did get married on Saturday, and she was soon after baptized.

Yesterday was my last day training Elder Stuart. I can honestly say the Lord blessed our companionship and the families we have been teaching due to our dedicated work, and prayers. I know the Lord blesses missionaries when we are obedient, and we have received so many blessings.

I cant even describe how happy Victor and Patricia are, and how much I love them. The Lord has truly blessed their family. I has been so amazing being able to part of their journey. This family is so strong and I cant put it even in words how amazing this weekend was, therefore I am just going to send pictures.

Last night they called us and told us that we have changes... Stuart has finished his training so I am off to a new area! I am so devastated but I know it is what the Lord wants.... It is sad to leave areas, especially this one because I am leaving so many people I love.

Thank you for all your support and prayers, the church is true, the gospel changes lives, and I know that God prepares people for missionaries to find. I love the gospel, and I will preach as hard as I can, until they put my on that fetching plane.

PS. Mom, Dad, I promised that if Victor and Patty get sealed next December, I will fly out for it.... just so you know;) haha

Love, Elder Nathan Russell Walton

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