Sunday, January 11, 2015


Hey family!! I was so nice being able to chat with you guys on Wednesday! I apologize for not knowing what to say at the end, but it was great being able to see and talk with you all. Sorry to hear you guys are sick, but tough it out and go ski for me. Court and Sean, you guys gotta play lots of ping pong, darts, and mario kart for me too.

So this week was a little slow due to the holidays, most of the people we have been teaching left town to go be with relatives, or their relatives came here and they couldnt receive us... hopefully this week was can bounce back.

Like I told you on Wednesday, I was able to do some interviews for some people that are preparing for baptism, that was a neat experience, and NO, I dont want to be a bishop, interviewing people scares me.. hahaha

So this week was fun, we gotta eat a lot with some members, get to know them better, and we were able to receive some references. Christmas time is always special, no matter where in the world you are, it is special. I loved being able to talk with people in the street all month about the Lords birth, and it was just, fun. We watching HE is the Gift many times with members, investigators, and contacts. EVERYONE loved the video, I have never seen it in english but I assume it is the same... haha

Well for the record, I contacted my first Muslim and Hindu this week! They were people from Guyana south america, and then the next day I contacted my first Jew! So weird.. not normal here in Guatemala but there is a first for all eh?

We this week we were super busy making sure everyone could call their families, opening and closing the chapel and supervising... whatever that means;) and we also did house inspecions this week! I am super tired, but exhaustion reflects success. Our zone did quadrupled the amount of baptisms they had last month, we are rollin more and more.

I love you all, I am doing well and happy! Hope you have a great new year!!

Love Elder nathan russell walton

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