Sunday, January 11, 2015

A New Year

Hey family!

Hope you all had an amazing new years eve... here was worked as hard as we could although the 1st and 2nd was basically a ghost town in our area. We didnt do much celebration... i guess in the mission holidays just sort of disappear.. it just isnt the same, but that is how it is supposed to be.

We had an amazing day yesterday. 8 investigators attended church with us and that includes two families. These two couples need to get married (like always), but God is true doing miracles here in the area because they are both wanting to get married and baptized. Please pray for the Solis family and the Granadas family. Despite the holidays and all the celebrations... we have managed to have success and continue working... many members and investigators left town these last two weeks, but that gave us the chance to find new people, and now we are going to work with the new people we have found, AND those we were teaching that disappeared for the holidays.

On Friday we had the Mission Council... that is when all the zone leaders, APs, and the President get together and we talked about how December went, what we are going to change, and now my comp and I are going to share the information in the council tomorrow with the zone.
Our mission has been struggling lately... and President knows it has a lot to do with our faith, so he spoke to us about the 5 destructive Ds. La duda (doubt), el desanimo (discouragement), la distraccion (distraction), la falta de diligencia (lack of diligence) and la desobediencia (disobedience). It is a chain reaction and is all starts with doubt.
Faith and doubt can not coexist.

I love being a missionary. One of my favorite things is being able to invite others to ask God if the message we share is true. Let me ask you all a question. If we didnt know this to be true, would we invite others to ask God in order to receive an answer? I believe not.
I know this to be true, I am so happy that I have these upcoming 5 months of 2015 here in Guatemala.

2014 was amazing, Guatemala has treated me well and I have grown so much. I am changing, and change allows me to be better.

Love you all, have an amazing week!

Love elder nathan russell walton

photos... Ice cream i bought on the 31st! and some photos from the service project we did as a zone on saturday!

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