Monday, February 23, 2015

Last Week with Rocha

Hey again!

This email wont be too long because I wrote you guys a couple days ago... haha

So all is well here in our area. This should be an interesting week because it is elder Rochas last week in the mission!

So Victoria is ready for her baptism on Sunday... she just needs to strengthen her understanding and testimony about the Restoration. Francisco always encourages her and he has been leaving with us almost daily to go teach other families. He shares his converstion and testimony always and it is so neat. He loves being able to help others and it is so special taking a recent convert to go teach investigators. We believe that he is going to be the new ward mission leader because our old one just moved...

I know this church is true, i know that the gospel changes families, and I know that all that the Lord has allowed me to do in my mission has helped so many people and He is going to continue guiding more people to the true gospel through my work... i know i dont have that much time left, but it is plenty of time to help more families!

Love you all, and hope you are doing good! stay safe with all the cold weather up there!

elder nathan russell walton

I Love to See the Temple

This is different writing on Thursday. This morning was great, we got to go to the temple as a zone and it was so nice being able enter and feel the spirit which is so strong.

I really dont know what to say... like said on Monday, Francisco was baptized and the two couple got married. It was such a neat 14th of Feb and a great moment to celebrate having received my mission call exactly two years before!

Francisco received the aaronic priesthood on Sunday as well and we right now are teaching his wife, Victoria. She is preparing to be baptized as well and we want Francisco to realize the ordinance. This family is so great and the gospel has changed them so much, i cant even begin to explain. Lets just say the blessings of the Lord have been so noticable, everyone can recognize the Lords hand in this work. I know that the Lord guides us, and it is so neat to see this family change, especially because it is not what I expected when I first spoke with Francisco when I knocked his door.

Frank and Sandy are doing well, and they have been so happy since their wedding. Please pray for them... they are still a little worried and afraid to take the step of baptism, they are so prepared though.

Hope you all have an amazing week, and I will write you on MONDAY, or in other words, very soon.

Love, elder nathan russell walton


So things have been really crazy lately.. we have been working well and I am really enjoying my time in the mission.

So this week we have been planning the two wedding we are going to have this 14th. Frank and Sandy, and now Francisco and his soon to be wife Victoria.

Quick story about Francisco.
I knocked his door my 6th day in this area. He told me about how his mother was a convert and a faithful member, but that she passed away 3 years ago. He told me how he kept her books, and that he would like to talk with us a little. We returned the next day but he wasnt home. We managed to find him 4 days later, taught him once but he didnt seem too interested and he told us he was going to leave for 2 weeks for the holidays, so we just left it like that.
About 3 weeks later we found him on a Friday and taught him about the restoration and gave him the book of Mormon.

Within two days he received his answer and has gone to church every sunday since for all 3 hours.

We set a fecha with him for the 31st but he told us how he was married to a lady in the states, and lives with someone (Victoria) here... big problem.

After wayyy too many miracles managed to figure out the divorce with the old wife, and has been able to figure marriage with Victoria who is super evangelica but now she has listened to us, went to church on sunday and is preparing to be baptized on the 1st of March.

Sorry i really rushed through this email, dont have much time... Frank and Sandy are going to be married but their baptisms wont be this saturday, hopefully in a couple weeks.

The zone should have 10 baptisms this weekend which will double what we had in January... the zone is moving along and I am so grateful!! I love the mission and this is the Lords work, no doubt.

Pray for the two families, and just so you know I wont write until next Thursday because we are going to the temple, but on monday my comp and I gotta send numbers so i believe that we can manage to send pics on Monday.

Love you all!!

elder nathan russell walton

Monday, February 2, 2015

February Has So Much Potential

This could be the best month our zone has had since May from last year.... most of the areas have investigators who are preparing to be baptized in this month, we are so excited!

This was a great week, on Tuesday we had splits with the APs again, and I stayed here in my area with Elder Wilcock, we had a great day and it is always so fun to work with the most experienced missionaries cause we can put together our minds and always have success.

Frank and Sandy are doing well and we are going to take their papers to the lawyer on Wednesday for their wedding on the 14th! Keep praying for them, they are so enthusiastic about the gospel, and yesterday they got to fast and give offerings for the first time and they loved it.

Francisco is still doing super great. He has gone to church I think for 5 weeks straight now and he stays for all 3 hours. He wants to be baptized so bad and he tells his wife everyday, Either we get married or you leave, but I cant be in this situation anymore. She tries making excuses and saying that they are fine but he knows that they arent. The culture here is so negative when it comes to marraige but he is so faithful and yesterday was a true miracle because we were able to sit down with his "wife" finally and she listened to us for the first time. She agreed to be married to him but she doesnt really want to accept our challenge to go to church with us. We are hoping that their wedding and his baptism can be on the 21st or Elder Rochas last Saturday which would be the 28th!

We have been teaching a guy named Edgar who is from the Pentecostal church. When we first met him he thought that he was going to be able to bible bash us and prove us wrong. The second time we taught him was about a week and a half ago. When he allowed us to share the restoration with him, he was super open and willing to listen. Last Sunday he called us and told us to go visit him... he had two friends there with him... we thought they were his pastors but they ended up being too members from that church and they listened to us.
Yesterday edgar went to church with us and at about noonish he called us and had two more friends waiting to hear us and they are super cool! They want to go to church this sunday and one is already talking about serving a mission in a year! haha Edgar isnt even a member and he already understands the importance of sharing the restoration with everyone. He is preparing to be baptized as well but we havent set a date with him yet!

We are working super hard and seeing so many blessings. Hopefully I will be able to be here for these baptisms and for the many other investigators we are teaching... i have "planted the seed" way too much in my mission.... i am ready to actually baptism the people I find with my companions.. haha love you all and thank you all soo much for your prayers!

Elder nathan russell walton

we got the money for the month today! haha

Miracles That I Can't Explain

Basically my comp and I have been calling our area Zion. We had such an amazing week I cant even express my gratitud towards the Lord, He has blessed us so much it is indescribable.

This week started off well, on Tuesday we had the change meeting, 8 of the 18 missionaries left so we got 8 new missionaries, guess what, Elder Kunde is in my zone again! He is going to train his last two changes then he will head home. We got some great missionaries and I can already feel the hard work atmosphere they brought with them.

I dont have a lot of time but I will just briefly explain a few stories.

On Tuesday a couple Frank and Sandy accepted a wedding and baptismal date for the 14th of February, they are prepared and so excited, We already got the lawyer (same one who helped us in December) and they are truly being blessed.

Yesterday we had a miracle, we have been teaching some eternal investigators, Familia Solis... after 14 years of investigating yesterday they finally said that they are willing to get married on the 14th as well. DOUBLE WEDDING!

Please pray for these two families, satan is going to work SUPER hard, BUT WE WILL WORK HARDER, I AM CONFIDENT.

Francisco may not be baptized this saturday like I originally said because he isnt married, but I cant explain the whole story... he will be baptized soon once the lady moves out... he is super faithful, goes to church for all 3 hours, and is paying his tithing already, please pray for him.

Connie is still preparing to be baptized on the 14th as well, if all works out we will have 7 baptisms that day. The Lord will only provide these blessings if we continue with faith and these investigators continue faithful as well. We need your prayers, if we doubt, we wont accomplish this goal, I know that the Lord will continue with his blessing though. I am so grateful for all these miracles.

I love you all so much have an amazing week and thank you for your emails!!

Also Elder Mendez went home... Ill attach the photo we took

elder nathan russell walton