Monday, February 23, 2015

I Love to See the Temple

This is different writing on Thursday. This morning was great, we got to go to the temple as a zone and it was so nice being able enter and feel the spirit which is so strong.

I really dont know what to say... like said on Monday, Francisco was baptized and the two couple got married. It was such a neat 14th of Feb and a great moment to celebrate having received my mission call exactly two years before!

Francisco received the aaronic priesthood on Sunday as well and we right now are teaching his wife, Victoria. She is preparing to be baptized as well and we want Francisco to realize the ordinance. This family is so great and the gospel has changed them so much, i cant even begin to explain. Lets just say the blessings of the Lord have been so noticable, everyone can recognize the Lords hand in this work. I know that the Lord guides us, and it is so neat to see this family change, especially because it is not what I expected when I first spoke with Francisco when I knocked his door.

Frank and Sandy are doing well, and they have been so happy since their wedding. Please pray for them... they are still a little worried and afraid to take the step of baptism, they are so prepared though.

Hope you all have an amazing week, and I will write you on MONDAY, or in other words, very soon.

Love, elder nathan russell walton

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