Monday, March 16, 2015

21 and Young

I honestly feel like i am still starting my mission, the fact that i hit 21 months this weeks literally doesnt mean anything. It just means I get to keep working in the vineyard of the Lord:)

So we have seen some crazy miracles this week. We are going to have a wedding on the 21st for familia Solis, they are eternal investigators that finally are willing to get married. The mother and her daughter are going to either be baptized this sunday or on the 28th. PLEASE pray for them, they are such a great family and have been waiting for this moment for years. The Lord and His spirit are truly softening their hearts, but I know that there are going to be obstacles this week.

This week we did lots of splits. I got to stay here on Wednesday with Elder Linford from my group! He is a great missionary and we started in zona Jalapa together and now we are going to finish in the zone together... at the end of the night we ordered pizza, two larges for the price of one. BUT the oven broke that cooks the larges, so they gave us 4 mediums for the price of one large. BLESSINGS haha i will attach the picture (ignore the trash in the pic, we were doing a deep clean that morning but didnt finish)

We found a nice lady on Saturday and she went to church with us yesterday. Her name is Marla and she is from Nicaragua... i wish the guatemalans were as receptive as the nicaraguans;) haha but she is great and we are going to work with her and her family.

I am super happy and work is going great. The zone is doing well and we are seeing so many blessings. I dont regret serving a mission at all, and i am going to go home with no regrets. I am happy with the way that i have been able to serve and I know that The Lord has helped me grow so much... I feel like He has allowed me to get closer to my potential.

I love being direct with investigators and making them realize the consequences of their decisions. " nefi 2 : 26-29 helps them realize the importance of choosing the Lords path, and avoiding the world. At the start of my mission is was hard for me to be direct with the people, but then i realized that the scriptures can be direct for me! Now I feel like no matter what I say, the spirit will testify to the people, even if what i say may come across as sharp or harsh, our purpose is to call people to repentance, we are going to be friends with everyone becuase many harden their hearts.

I know that this church is true, i love you all, have an amazing week!

elder nathan russell walton

ps elder aroche from guate came and worked with us for the day. He was both of our companion, and he finished in december.

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