Monday, March 16, 2015

Dug a Hole

So this did not start off so well.... first thing that happened, our shower head broke so i have been showering with cold water and it is miserable...
well theres my complaining for the day! haha

When I say we dug a hole, I mean a big hole. Our week started off so slow.... My new comp is elder Tamayo from Houston Texas. He is a great mission and was in the CCM with Elder Chase Walton. I wanted to start off the week strong with him, but for some reason we couldnt manage to teach many lessons... it was so frustrating.

On Thrusday night we were 15 lessons behind to reach our goal... basically it was nearly impossible to meet our goal if we kept having days like the first 4. I can testify, in this email, that when we make covenants with the Lord that we will do our part, He does His. We managed to teach 16 lessons before the week ended, and we had 8 investigators, 3 families in church yesterday. Such a miracle, I dont know how to describe how grateful I am. The Lord has blessed me with many great companions and I know that I am going to enjoy my last 3 months with Elder Tamayo, we will have success in all aspects:) (we even started leaving in the morning to run)! haha

We should have a couple baptisms in the end of this month. Rosita and Suli are still progressing but they couldnt go to church yesterday because sulis daughter got really sick. I know that in this life there are always roadblocks, but sometimes i think is so funny that Satan tries so hard, even though he know that he is going to lose.

Frank and Sandy are starting to progress in the gospel again after a few slow weeks. Hopefully Frank gets baptized this month.

The work is moving onward ever onward and our zone is so great! we got so many good missionaries, I feel like the Lord is giving us all the means we need in order to truly magnify our callings as missioinaries.

I love you all lots, I will attach a pic of my new comp and I, we just took it and it isnt the best... hopefully i can send some more next week!

love elder nathan russell walton

Alma 5:62

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