Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Lord Blesses Us

This was so special and one of the more spiritual weeks I have had in the mission.

On Wednesday we had a multimission conference with Elder Anderson from the quorum of the 12 apostoles. It is so amazing to be in the prescence of a true living and special witness of the Lord Jesus Christ. He shared something with us, that I have been trying to explain to others my whole mission, and I finally got backed up. He spoke on TRULY helping these people gain a testimony of the Atonement and the Book of Mormon, basically he said that there is not point of baptizing someone if they are going to continue in the church... that is why we must always teach with the spirit and truly help them learn, BEFORE they get baptized. I have always been one to find those that TRULY are going to continue in the gospel, and not just baptize whoever, if we dont teach with the Spirit, we are not teaching in Gods way.

On Saturday Familia Solis got married! So amazing! These people have been investigating the church for a long time, but marriage has kept them from being baptized. They finally made the decision and they will be baptized soon:)

Francisco who was baptized about a month ago has been leaving with us to appointments a lot lately, on Saturday is was so neat to hear him teach an investigator about the Restoration and testify of the first vision. He has learned the way we teach, and he is doing the same. It is such a blessing every time he leaves with us, him and his wife Victoria are doing well!

Now you may ask, and Dad, you did ask "How are Frank and Sandy"? Well Frank has his baptismal interview yesterday, and he will be baptized this saturday! I am so excited, the extra month of teaching and him waiting has definietly been worth it because his testimony is so much stronger now.

This week we found an older lady named Aurora and her daughter Lilian, they go to a evangelical church but they are really interested in the message we share and they went to church with us yesterday and stayed for all 3 hours. They LOVED it, the Lord is truly blessing us and our area. Along with these two sisters, 8 other investigators went to church with us yesterday. I am loving these last couple months of the mission because I am seeing so many fruits in the work and I feel like the Lord is helping me reach my potential as a missionary.

I feel like I could write all day because so much more happened this week, but this is all I can share. I love you all, I know and testify that this is the True Church. I know that people can change, and when they do it, they are blessd immesely.

Love elder nathan russell walton

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