Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Hey guys!

This week went well, like always. It went by a little too fast and I am not really sure what to tell you guys all about.

We did lots of splits with the zone this week so I got to work with the missionaries in my zone. Usually we do about 2 splits a week but this week we did 4.

We saw many blesses this week.
One was yesterday. A family that we have taught a few times went with us to church for the first time and they loved it. After sacrament meeting the sister, Emily, said to me "This is not what I expected it to be like, I am used to other churches where they play loud music, scream, and people faint because they supposedly feel the spirit and the pastor raises them."
I then I explained to her that the difference is that we actually can feel the spirit in our meetings. The Lord explained to us very well what the spirit is like when he compared it to a dove. What happens if there is a dove in the room, and we start screaming? It goes away. That is why we need to have reverence and peace in the meetings.
After explaining this to her, she agreed and said, "We definitely we come next week."

We are working we some investigators so that they can be baptized on Saturday. One is Javier and he is completely prepared. The other is Aurora who is so great, the only problem is her health. So we are praying that she will feel well enough to be able to be baptized this Saturday!

Last night we saw a huge miracle. We 8 oclock we were headed to our last appointment, and they ended up not being able to receive us... so we had the last hour to go visit someone else. My companion had contacted a lady near by named Glenda so we went and knocked her door. A man answered and was saying how no one by that name lived there... we kept saying "Are you sure Glenda doesnt live here?" There was a lady next door who was buying something from the store, I could tell she was listening to us talk with the guy and then when he closed the door she walked over to us and said "Im Glenda".
It was a completely different lady, but with the same name who happened to live across the street.
Long story short, she invited us over and turns out her and her mother are long-lost members from Mexico, and we met her husband who is also from Mexico, but isnt a member. We shared a quick message with them and we are going back on Wednesday. It was such a blessing and I know that the Lord puts us where we need to be, and always at the right time, even if it isnt for what we originally planned.

Hope you all are great, Im doing great! Love you all and have an amazing week!.

elder nathan russell walton

Photos: My comp bought a hammock and so we set it up in the house, and some old pics from last month that i didnt have til now.

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